Cloud hosting

The Fed's real-time payments system; Sen. Wyden wants answers from Amazon


The payments system, called FedNow, would go head-to-head against one built by big banks; the senator from Oregon wants Amazon to address vulnerabilities in its cloud data storage.


Fed's examination of the cloud; lawmakers seek meeting with CapOne, Amazon


A Fed team toured an Amazon facility at about the same time Capital One’s data was hacked; House oversight members want answers from the CEOs of the two companies.


Capital One breach clouds the cloud; Libra's silver lining


The hack prompts renewed concerns about security of data held in the cloud; lawmakers acknowledge that Facebook’s proposed Libra cryptocurrency could have applications for law enforcement.


Capital One’s data breach was bad. It could’ve been worse


Though involving an eye-popping 106 million credit card applicants' information, Capital One's breach was also unusual in a number of ways, including that it was quickly caught through a responsible disclosure program run by the bank.


Morgan Stanley tries the cloud; Santander-Orcel feud escalates


“Digital Vault” will allow customers to store encrypted documents on third-party servers; bank accuses Orcel of misdeeds.


Morgan Stanley to port documents of 1.3M clients to Box's cloud


It's one of the first wealth management firms to share documents with clients through Box.


Goldman, Stripe execs spar on future of financial services


Both companies want money to be "programmable." But how to go about it is a matter of dispute.


TD Bank’s calculated shift to the cloud


The North American banking giant is making a gradual yet concerted effort to migrate applications to Microsoft’s cloud, but there are still sensitive operations and pieces of data that it’s holding back on for now.


Why startup Finxact just got $30M from the ABA, SunTrust, others


The core-banking vendor won the investment and ringing endorsements from the trade group and several banks because its open system and cloud delivery could eventually challenge entrenched tech players.


Even in the cloud, banking is tied to legacy tech


Serverless computing has its proponents — Capital One and BBVA among them — but the service hasn’t yet proven it can fulfill general systems needs in banking.