Deutsche probed on Epstein dealings; Wells drops independent auto dealers


New York State regulators may bring an enforcement action against the German bank as early as this month; Wells Fargo’s decision to stop making loans to the dealers has more to do with credit quality than asset limits.


How Citi and Flywire sped payments to get PPE from China to Boston


The shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical workers is one of the most troublesome elements of the coronavirus outbreak, though prior work to declutter cross-border supply chain payments provides some hope.


U.S. banks on high alert as coronavirus spreads


The timing couldn’t be worse for ag and energy lenders as well as global banks, which were all counting on the Chinese market to help bolster commercial lending and fee income.


Xpress Money, Geoswift collaborate on China remittance service


Finabler’s Xpress Money cross-border transfer service has partnered with Geoswift to enable consumers in global markets to send funds in real time to Chinese bank accounts.


Lian Duan, China Merchants Bank | Most Powerful Women: Next


"If you gathered the U.S.-based senior counsels of the major Chinese banks operating in the United States," said Joseph Loffredo, assistant general manager and chief financial officer at the New York branch of China Merchants Bank, "you'd find one outlier, a lady about half the age of most of the others."


Tariffs on Chinese exports likely to hurt lenders' core clients


If President Trump’s tariffs on steel and other products stay in place long, big U.S. importers would be hurt and pass on the pain to their midsize and small-business suppliers — which are the bread and butter of commercial lending.


Big test for ag lenders: Helping farmers weather trade war


Banks are adjusting loan terms, making use of federal loan guarantees and working with farmers to find new markets, all in an effort to mitigate the damage from a likely drop in soybean exports.


Is blockchain a runaway train?


Momentum is continuing unabated for blockchain projects and initial coin offerings (ICOs) as the potential for blockchain continues to be realized.


Ant's MoneyGram deal dies under Trump's regulatory posture


After a year of trying to appease U.S. regulators, Ant Financial and MoneyGram have terminated their merger agreement, challenging the Chinese company's strategy for global expansion.


Could Chinese regulators put an end to blockchain assets?


China’s crackdown on cryptocurrency exchanges raises questions about the future of digital asset innovation, a movement that some bankers view as a threat and others embrace as a boon to payments, P-to-P lending and other activities.