Goldman Sachs inches closer to offering Marcus checking accounts


Goldman Sachs will work with the digital-payments upstart Marqeta on offering checking accounts for Main Street consumers.


Citi looked to Ant Financial success as model in Google tie-up


Citigroup looked to the success of Asian super-apps like Ant Financial and Paytm while developing its new checking-account offering with Google.


HSBC says rock-bottom interest rates may curb free bank accounts


Europe's largest lender could start charging for basic banking services "in some markets" because low interest rates meant they were losing money, Chief Financial Officer Ewen Stevenson said on a call with reporters Tuesday after the bank reported third-quarter earnings.


6 ways credit unions can attract Gen Z during coronavirus


The industry can gain lifelong members in this demographic by validating their financial concerns as the economy struggles and offering guidance without judgment.


The real cost of overdraft fees


The fees have helped banks recoup costs of free or low-cost checking accounts for decades, but they can penalize low-income customers and drive them away from banking. Is there a better way?


Wells Fargo offers new account with no minimum balances or overdrafts


The bank said the account is geared to consumers who want better control over their spending or are new to banking.


Wells Fargo, Citi pledge not to garnish customers' stimulus funds


The two large banks are holding off for a month on collecting on negative balances to ensure that customers receive the full amount of government payments deposited into their accounts.


Morgan Stanley launches ‘a modern alternative to banking’


The investment bank's new CashPlus Account comes with a mobile banking app, a debit card, online bill payment and other banklike features.


PNC learns the downside of paying cash bonuses to new customers


CEO William Demchak said the bank has witnessed "a lot of mischief" among customers who open checking accounts to collect bonuses and then never use the accounts again.


Now $500 million richer, Chime eyes acquisitions


The challenger bank might use the proceeds from its latest funding round to buy other fintechs that would allow it to add more products and services, its CEO said.