Charles Scharf

Fed's conundrum: Whether to remove Wells Fargo's asset cap


Amid the coronavirus emergency, the central bank may have to decide at what point the imperatives of an economic crisis outweigh the requirements of its most severe enforcement action in recent memory.


Wells Fargo hires TD's Ellen Patterson as general counsel


TD Bank Group's top lawyer will succeed Allen Parker at scandal-plagued Wells Fargo later this month.


Trump to meet with Wall Street CEOs; Scharf pledges urgent reform


Leaders to parlay with president as banks worldwide offer to aid customers; Wells CEO says the bank will be run “fundamentally differently” than in the past.


Democrats beat up on Wells Fargo CEO. GOP says it's time to move on.


House Democrats maintained their criticism of the bank during Charlie Scharf's first hearing, but Republicans suggested it is on better footing now that many top leaders have been replaced.


Next round of Wells Fargo hearings will shine spotlight on board's role


The House Financial Services Committee will question two of Wells’ board members, raising public scrutiny to a new level for bank directors.


How regulators maneuvered to oust Tim Sloan at Wells Fargo


The bank said it was Sloan's decision to retire, but a new report from House Democrats reveals that Fed and OCC officials made moves behind the scenes in 2018 and 2019 to pressure the bank's board to remove him.


Wells Fargo boosts minimum wage in most of its U.S. markets


The bank's announcement comes a week before CEO Charlie Scharf and two board members will testify on Capitol Hill.


How New York became Wells Fargo’s new center of power


Under CEO Charlie Scharf, the bank that has historically viewed itself as more Main Street than Wall Street is becoming deeply embedded in the nation’s financial capital and its hard-charging culture.


Cheat sheet: Inside the $3B Wells Fargo settlement


The ten-digit penalty marks an important milestone for the bank, but individual ex-bankers may still be at risk and grueling hearings lie ahead for current leadership.


Wells Fargo hires another JPMorgan exec as shake-up continues


Mike Weinbach will lead consumer lending as part of a reorganization that will change the responsibilities of three longtime bank executives.