Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

How Much Do You Have to Be in Debt to File Chapter 7?


If you find yourself struggling with debt, you may be considering filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can provide a fresh start and the opportunity to rebuild your financial life. But how much debt do you need to have in order to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy? There is no specific amount of debt that you need to file, as each situation is unique.


Every situation is different, and you should consider many factors before filing for bankruptcy. Discuss your options with Phoenix bankruptcy attorney today.


Will I Lose Everything in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?


Many people who are considering bankruptcy are worried that filing for bankruptcy will leave them destitute and penniless. This impression tends to arise when people first start looking into bankruptcy and discover that the most common type of consumer bankruptcy, Chapter 7, involves the liquidation of a debtor’s nonexempt assets in order to pay his or her outstanding debts.


Chapter 7 Trustee Donald F King


Chapter 7 Trustee Donald F King Donald F King is one of the four Chapter 7 trustees in the Alexandria Virginia Bankruptcy court. When you file a bankruptcy case in Alexandria, the computer assigns you to one of the four trustees. Lawyers are appointed Chapter 7 trustees as a part-time assignment.  He’s a partner in […]


When you file bankruptcy, they make it hard to pay your car payment


When you file bankruptcy, they make it hard to pay your car payment. Be prepared to use the mail. You file bankruptcy and you want to keep your car. You know that means you need to keep paying. Seems like the car finance people would welcome your payments; but they make it hard. That may […]


IRS Means Never Having to Say….


IRS Means Never Having to Say….Anything The IRS is not like most creditors. (Your probably knew that.)  The IRS in bankruptcy is not like most creditors in bankruptcy, either. Knowing what debts have been cleared (discharged) by your bankruptcy is easy for most debts. For credit cards, loans (including payday loans, who want you to […]


After bankruptcy….the car still has to pay!


…But the Car Still Has to Pay. When you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, that means you don’t have to make the car payments. But that does not mean you get a free car. You don’t have to make the car payments, but the car still has to pay. That’s because the car finance company is […]