Stimulus bill would give banks more flexibility on problem loans


The legislation would let banks postpone the start date of the Current Expected Credit Losses accounting standard and delay categorizing pandemic-related loan modifications as troubled debt restructurings.


Partisan gridlock appears intact. Why that's good for banks.


A final Senate breakdown still depends on the outcome in a few key races, but with Republicans closer to keeping power, Democrats' proposals to cap interest rates, create a postal banking system and establish a public credit reporting agency are likely dead on arrival.


Credit unions want CECL changes, but NCUA's hands are tied


The industry called for modifications to the regulator's phase-in proposal on the new credit loss standard while acknowledging the broader changes it wants are up to the Financial Accounting Standards Board.


Credit unions don't need CECL, they need an exemption


At a time when the industry is focused on serving members and assisting with the economic recovery, executives shouldn't be burdened by a costly new credit loss methodology.


Bankers urge extension of CARES Act reg relief


Measures designed to give banks and credit unions more flexibility to help customers weather the coronavirus pandemic are set to expire Dec. 31 unless Congress renews them.


How Congress can prevent a post-pandemic financial crisis


Two bills — one providing relief from a loan accounting standard and another extending forebearance measures — would collectively contain credit losses.


Regulators finalize rule changes to help banks weather pandemic


The agencies completed steps to ease a community bank capital measure temporarily and to delay a new credit-loss accounting standard.


Former FASB chair defends his legacy as more than CECL


Russell Golden, who just stepped down from the Financial Accounting Standards Board, says he wants to be remembered for encouraging open discourse over new rules and efforts to simplify financial accounting.


Forbearance during coronavirus a double-edged sword


Borrower relief is necessary in a national emergency, but if the exclusion of the deferred loans from troubled debt restructurings is extended past the end of the year, safety and soundness could be compromised.


‘Another unprecedented period’: FDIC reports dramatic 1Q profit drop


In one of the first comprehensive analyses of how the banking industry was affected by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the agency said quarterly income fell by nearly 70% from a year earlier.