CECL is in trouble, but there’s a fix


Problems with the new accounting standard could be solved by modifying how reserves are calculated so that changes are more in line with industry growth.


Accounting standards shouldn’t be left to the accountants


The SEC and FASB control the process now, but Congress should give banking regulators a more central role in overseeing the creation of accounting rules.


Will industry get what it wants on CECL?


Detractors are suddenly hopeful that the controversial accounting standard could be delayed or altered after FSOC's longer-than-expected closed session on the issue.


'Jump right in, the shark infested water is just fine': Comments of the week


Readers sound off on fintechs entering the student loan market, the FDIC’s brokered deposit rules and a heated debate over the new CFPB leader.


Piling on: Democratic lawmakers join chorus of CECL critics


Brad Sherman of California and Gregory Meeks of New York are worried the proposed accounting standard for recording loan losses will reduce access to credit for small businesses and low- and moderate-income communities.


CECL will strengthen, not hinder, financial system


Banks have criticized the new accounting standard, but it would likely soften future bubbles and reduce subsequent credit crunches by requiring that reserves be held upfront when loans are made.


'Can anyone say recipe for disaster?': Comments of the week


Readers weigh in on consumers taking on more debt, President Trump's criticism of the Federal Reserve and Zions CEO Harris Simmons as Banker of the Year.


As CECL anxiety mounts, FASB is in no rush to consider alternative


Bank groups are pushing a variety of proposals to delay the loan-loss rule or soften its impact. The accounting standards board has agreed to review at least one of them — but at a pace that might not be fast enough for lenders.


Updated GSE plan, CECL change, Wells layoffs: Top stories of the week


Moelis submits a revised Fannie/Freddie blueprint; FASB considering a plan to have banks break out charge-offs and recoveries on year-by-year basis; Wells Fargo layoffs begin with 1,000 jobs in mortgage and tech; and more from this week's most-read stories.


Proposed eleventh-hour change to CECL has bankers scrambling


The Financial Accounting Standards Board is considering a plan to have banks break out charge-offs and recoveries on a year-by-year basis. Bankers fear new systems would be needed to comply.