More help (from abroad) for small banks in search of deposits


Deposit Solutions says lenders can use its platform to acquire customers at little expense.


Banks’ deposit-rate challenge: How low can they go?


CEOs have been telling investors that if the Fed continues to cut interest rates, they will lower rates they are paying on deposits to minimize the hit to net interest margins. The danger is that if they lower rates too quickly or by too much, big depositors could go elsewhere.


Goldman Sachs invests $28M in German fintech set for U.S. debut


Raisin, an online marketplace that aggregates high-yield savings accounts in Europe, aims to launch in the U.S. in the next nine to 12 months.


From Green Beret to mobile banking 'pioneer': Citizens' John Rosenfeld


John Rosenfeld once led the A-Team of a free-fall parachute unit. Now he's taking a different kind of leap, spearheading the creation of the institution’s first digital-only bank.


Mortgage lender poised to begin digital bank experiment


Gateway Mortgage Group’s dream of being a national, diversified financial services player will hinge on its effort to turn a community bank into an online-only platform.


FDIC crackdown on brokered deposits goes too far: ABA report


A legal memo conducted on behalf of the trade group says the agency’s policy goes beyond statutory intent and places undue restrictions on healthy banks.


Battle for deposits is ‘a steel-cage match’


Loan demand is finally picking up after several lackluster quarters. Banks' big challenge is finding cheap deposits to fund all those new loans.


First Horizon 4Q profit reflects focus on traditional banking


The Tennessee company is pleased with loan growth. It has also been able to reduce its dependence on brokered deposits as it brings in new customers following its purchase of Capital Bank.


Brokered deposits' bad rap is undeserved


The idea that deposit brokers are trying to game the deposit insurance system and could contribute to another crisis is outdated.


FDIC poised to revamp deposit rules. Banks say it's about time


Many bankers say the agency needs to rethink its definition of brokered deposits and how it sets interest rate caps.