Bankers can ease transition to cashless society


Cold, hard cash is inevitably going away. Banks have a responsibility to help consumers who don’t have smartphones or even email addresses be prepared, says Shawn Rose, chief digital officer of Scotiabank.


Banxico to finance banks that can’t dispose of dollars in U.S.


Mexico’s central bank is set to announce Monday that it will lend money to local banks that can’t find U.S. financial institutions to take their stashes of bulk cash in dollars, according to a draft of a statement seen by Bloomberg News.


Coin shortage eases as U.S. ramps up production


The Mint’s facilities in Denver and Philadelphia worked overtime in the second half of 2020 so that banks and retailers could get more change into customers’ hands.


Covid-19 transmission risk from using cash is low, study finds


The risk of catching Covid-19 through using banknotes is low, according to research by the Bank of England that suggests the aversion to using cash during the pandemic is unnecessary.


Central banks want digital currencies that don’t nudge out cash


Digital money will have to coexist with cash and other forms of tender, according to a report by the Bank of International Settlements, the Federal Reserve and other institutions.


Armored trucks stand ready for cash-carrying consumers to return


Brink's has seen a 20% increase since January in the amount of cash processed in its own systems, signaling that as users return to stores they’re choosing to pay with cash.


In a digital world, regulators and innovators need to team up to beat fraud


Close collaboration between leading payment innovators and regulators could help regulators better understand the direction the industry is headed, says Arkose Labs' Vanita Pandey.


Consumers in Canada shun cash and bank branches on virus fears


Canadian consumers are changing their banking habits to reduce physical contact with others because of COVID-19, according to a new study by McKinsey & Co.