Fed extends seven emergency facilities to end of 2020


The three-month extension for the central bank's lending programs is one of several recent steps by policymakers to stabilize the economy as the coronavirus pandemic stretches through the summer.


McConnell announces new round of PPP funds in GOP stimulus plan


The Senate Republicans' coronavirus relief package, known as the HEALS Act, would continue to make the loan program available to businesses, but any final bill would need to be negotiated with House Democrats.


Senate passes bill to prevent debt garnishment of CARES Act payments


The legislation, which has yet to pass the House, is meant to ensure coronavirus relief funds go to consumers and are not diverted to debt collectors.


Waters rejects GOP request to cancel hearing on pandemic relief bill


The House Financial Services Committee chair vowed to stay focused on the HEROES Act after the panel's top Republican said lawmakers should instead debate bills with bipartisan support.


Does Congress have cure for what's ailing CRE borrowers?


Many commercial property owners are locked out of existing coronavirus relief by financing terms that bar them from taking new loans. Under a House bill, they would receive government-backed equity investments.


Democratic bills would bar GSEs from charging forbearance fees


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have imposed heavy price adjustments for loans that were granted relief under the pandemic relief law enacted in March.


What matters most to mortgage lenders in the 2020 election


From affordable housing policy to GSE conservatorship, the next president will wield a heavy influence on mortgage and housing policies.


Lawmakers question mortgage servicers’ compliance with CARES Act


The coronavirus relief law allows forbearance plans for up to a year on federally backed mortgages, but House Democrats say homeowners have had difficulty getting relief.


Banks seek more fintech help for PPP's next phase


After tech firms assisted community bankers in processing applications in the Paycheck Protection Program, small-business lenders are continuing to engage with cloud providers and other outside companies to automate the loan forgiveness process.


Lenders face quandary over offering Main Street loans to noncustomers


Many big banks say they will focus on existing customers in offering credit through the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending program for midsize businesses. Complex vetting and fear of being inundated are said to be among their concerns.