California Gov. Brown should sign new bill to protect small businesses


The legislation would help small-business owners better evaluate financing options by requiring updated disclosures.


Gov. Brown should veto California’s small-business lending bill


The legislation, which creates new disclosure standards for financing costs, could hamstring commercial lenders that offer revolving credit facilities.


PacWest to enter northern Calif. with El Dorado Savings purchase


The Los Angeles company will also gain its first branches in Nevada after completing the $467 million acquisition.


After merger goes sideways, two banks explore alternatives


Hanmi thought it was all set to buy SWNB in Houston, but the seller was unable to secure enough shareholder votes to back the deal.


BofI in Calif. to rebrand its bank, most products


The decision to adopt the name Axos Bank seems to put more distance between the company and its Internet roots.


Hanmi tweaks offer for Houston bank


Hanmi Financial in Los Angeles will pay more of the deal price in cash, prompting SWNB Bancorp to postpone its shareholder vote.


Capital raise to pay off debt for California BanCorp


The Oakland bank has raised $25 million through a private placement of common stock.


Amalgamated chief's goal after IPO: Create a nationwide bank


Keith Mestrich, who runs the union-founded bank, plans to use a more liquid stock to pursue acquisitions in cities such as Boston, Seattle and Los Angeles.


Banks should do more to prevent renters from being displaced


Lending to problematic or serial evictors can cause people to be pushed out of their homes in the name of profits. Banks must adopt standards against this practice.


Serial acquirer to boost New Mexico operations with latest deal


BayCom in Walnut Creek, Calif., would have a bigger presence in the Albuquerque area after buying Bethlehem Financial.