Branch managers

United Federal Credit Union in Michigan to buy Edgewater Bank


The acquisition will consolidate United's position in the St. Joseph market, where both institutions are based.


Bankers need to come at this crisis from a different perspective


The coronavirus is changing how consumers interact in branches and banking online. Bank leaders should be prepared.


Gridiron lessons for bank managers


Want a winning team at your bank? Take some tips from LSU’s head coach Ed Orgeron on empowering leaders.


Digital won't cost bankers their jobs. It'll make them better bankers.


Bank employees need to stop seeing new technology as a threat.


One key to success: Destigmatizing failure


As banks seek to innovate, executives should accept that ignorance and mistakes are part of the process.


It’s up to bankers whether tech will make them productive or obsolete


Online banking and self-service options for customers free branch workers to focus on business development. Employees will need to step up to the challenge or they'll be left out.


A humble approach to gaining customers


Bank managers should remember their roots and keep their hands in business development, even as they climb the ranks.


Good customer service means making every second count


The advent of self-service apps has reduced the frequency of customer-employee interactions at banks, but that just makes face-to-face time all the more valuable.


Bankers can’t just fix problems, they must manage relationships


When bank customers are treated poorly by branch employees, it can damage the relationship even if the specific issue is effectively resolved.


Want to fix outdated policies? Put your social networks to work


Research and consumer surveys aren’t the only tools to help banks understand what they need to do. Friends of executives can provide honest feedback as regular customers.