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Potential Truist delay, Katie Porter, tech giant trust issues: Top stories of the week


BB&T-SunTrust merger closing could slip into 2020; how “the most feared freshman” is shaking up House Banking panel; consumers are split about trusting Amazon, Google with their savings; and more from this week’s most-read stories.


How BNY Mellon is going further on AI


The custody bank has deployed more than 300 bots and is using artificial intelligence throughout the organization.


Does it really matter where Wells Fargo’s CEO is based?


Incoming CEO Charles Scharf will remain in New York even though the bank's headquarters is in San Francisco. His hiring underscores the diminished importance of geographical proximity for executives at large banks.


Suddenly CEO: Thomas Gibbons praised as right choice at BNY Mellon (for now)


Bank of New York Mellon’s quick decision to elevate the longtime executive to succeed Charles Scharf on an interim basis was well received. Will the board keep him, or search for an outsider for the long term?


No shortage of challenges facing Wells Fargo’s new CEO


Charlie Scharf’s most immediate priorities will be mending fences with regulators and getting the bank out from under a Fed-imposed asset cap. But he also must come up with strategies for spurring revenue growth and reining in expenses.


Anticipating recession, banks start scrubbing loan books


It’s hard to time the next economic slowdown. But lenders, many with lingering memories of the financial crisis, are taking steps now to limit exposure in commercial real estate, construction and other loan segments.


Facebook defiant at House hearing; BNY Mellon beats despite lower profits


The company will work on Libra, but won’t issue digital currency without proper authority; the bank’s profit dropped 8% on reduced revenue.


Stress test results, BNY Mellon's digital play, bank reputations: Top stories of the week


Banks clear both rounds of stress tests (though two of them needed a do-over); BNY Mellon goes all-in on digital; bank industry struggles to stop slide in latest reputation survey; and more from this week's most-read stories.


BNY Mellon is all-in on digital


Some banks are setting up their own parallel digital banks, while others form innovation labs. Roman Regelman says BNY Mellon is transforming the entire institution.


Banks launch firm to settle transactions, peer-to-peer, on blockchain


State Street, BNY Mellon, UBS and Credit Suisse are among the banks that have created a company to bring their idea of a utility settlement coin to life.