BNY Mellon

How banks can encourage collaboration among workers stuck at home


Hood Qaim-Maqami, divisional CIO at the Bank of New York Mellon, has ideas about how technology can be used to make people feel connected.



'Digital assets are here to stay': BNY Mellon embraces crypto


Citing strong client demand, the nation's largest custody bank is building infrastructure and a team that can help clients store and manage bitcoin and many other types of virtual currency and tokenized assets.


Trust banks under extra pressure to cut expenses


Bank of New York Mellon, State Street and Northern Trust have even more reason to slash costs than commercial banks because their options to boost revenue are more limited. Problem is, they also have fewer cost-cutting options.


Activist bank investors run into an SEC roadblock


New rules on shareholder submissions of proxy proposals could help banks fend off demands to disclose more pay data, cut financing to fossil fuels companies and adopt other reforms.


BNY Mellon takes a step toward a future without passwords


The bank's Pershing unit is using fingerprint and facial recognition technology on Apple devices to protect user access to its desktop software.