The three toughest questions at your bankruptcy hearing


The three toughest questions at your bankruptcy hearing. The three toughest bankruptcy hearing questions are NOT what most people expect.  The bankruptcy trustee does NOT ask you to explain how you got into this mess. They are not asking about your plans for the future.  And the creditors are NOT there demanding their money. Have […]


File Bankruptcy and Sleep Better


People who file bankruptcy sleep better. Ninety four percent of people surveyed said they slept better after filing bankruptcy. That’s the result of a 2019-2020 study taken through of former clients who filed bankruptcy with us three or four years before.  One hundred four people participated in the survey.      Getting good sleep […]


Chapter 7 Trustee Donald F King


Chapter 7 Trustee Donald F King Donald F King is one of the four Chapter 7 trustees in the Alexandria Virginia Bankruptcy court. When you file a bankruptcy case in Alexandria, the computer assigns you to one of the four trustees. Lawyers are appointed Chapter 7 trustees as a part-time assignment.  He’s a partner in […]


We’re Zooming Virtual Bankruptcy Consultations


We’re Zooming Virtual Bankruptcy Consultations We’ve been Zooming–doing virtual bankruptcy consultations–since April 2020. We’ll continue through 2021. We stopped in-office consultations with the March 2020 pandemic lock down.  (I first heard of Zoom when my church started using it. We’re a small congregation and can see everybody on screen.)  Since April 2020 I’ve Zoomed bankruptcy […]


IRS Means Never Having to Say….


IRS Means Never Having to Say….Anything The IRS is not like most creditors. (Your probably knew that.)  The IRS in bankruptcy is not like most creditors in bankruptcy, either. Knowing what debts have been cleared (discharged) by your bankruptcy is easy for most debts. For credit cards, loans (including payday loans, who want you to […]


Get Your Money Out of Wells Fargo


If you are filing bankruptcy, Get Your Money Out of Wells Fargo. People filing bankruptcy get kicked when they are down, if they bank  at Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo sees your bankruptcy on your credit report and they freeze your checking and savings account.  At least they do if you have more than five thousand […]


After bankruptcy….the car still has to pay!


…But the Car Still Has to Pay. When you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, that means you don’t have to make the car payments. But that does not mean you get a free car. You don’t have to make the car payments, but the car still has to pay. That’s because the car finance company is […]


Can’t Make Your Chapter 13 payments?


The Big Bailout Helps If You have to Skip Chapter 13 Payments The big bailout law, just passed, includes some slack for people in Chapter 13. If you can’t make your Chapter 13 payments, we can ask the bankruptcy judge to add up to 24 months to your payment plan. Before that law was passed, […]


Bankruptcy Trustee Hearings Postponed Due to Virus


The Bankruptcy Court is Alexandria is Postponing the Trustee Hearings. Because of the corona virus, bankruptcy hearings in Alexandria VA scheduled up through April 10 are postponed. (I’m guessing the rest of April will get postponed, too.) Postponed Until When? There’s no news on when they will be reschedule, or how. Some courts have adopted […]


Many Foreclosures Get a Virus Hold


The Federal Government is Pausing Foreclosures on Mortgages They Control. Last week the Federal Housing Finance Agency announced a 60 day pause on foreclosures on mortgage loans the government controls. Those are mortgage loans controlled by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.  (Fannie and Freddie were government backed, private businesses. The government bailed them out during […]