NFTs and payments: A frontier with lots of promise—and risk


Non-fungible tokens are taking the digital world by storm. They could displace traditional payment rails, but they could also be a handy tool for cybercrooks.



How cryptocurrency is changing the movement of money


Olaf Carlson-Wee, founder and CEO of the cryptocurrency hedge fund Polychain Capital, discusses which digital currencies and blockchain technologies are reshaping payments and which are “nonsense projects.”


National banks may process stablecoin payments, OCC says


The digital currency and related distributed-ledger technologies could "enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and stability of the provision of payments," according to an interpretive letter issued by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.


How decentralized finance could reshape banking


Silvergate and Avanti are among the banks pioneering the incorporation of smart contracts, cryptocurrencies and other cutting-edge instruments into mainstream financial services.


Avanti got a bank charter. Here’s what's next on its agenda.


Founder Caitlin Long says the blockchain bank plans to issue a virtual currency and help hedge funds and family offices trade digital assets now that it has a special-purpose banking charter in Wyoming.


A Fed digital currency looks inevitable. So do the problems.


A Federal Reserve-issued digital dollar could speed up payments, expand financial access and reduce financial crime. But it also brings trade-offs that policymakers are only just beginning to consider.


JPMorgan Chase reorganizes blockchain units


After selling the rights to its Ethereum-based technology, the bank is rebranding a venture related to cross-border payments and creating a new umbrella group to oversee all blockchain-related efforts.


BNP Paribas out front on digital asset storage


National banks just got the OCC's go-ahead this summer to hold and transfer digital assets like bitcoin for customers, but the Paris-based bank has already vetted the technology needed to do the job.


BofA adapting consumer tech for use with corporate clients


Bank of America is applying a familiar arsenal — including APIs and its popular virtual assistant, Erica — to online business banking, cross-border payments and cash management in an effort to modernize those services.


Financial institutions, government still wary of crypto


Employees in the financial industry and public sector are considerably more worried about the risks posed by digital currency than those in the cryptocurrency field, a new survey finds.