Cornell professor launches own crypto coin


Some of the biggest venture capitalists in the field are backing a new digital currency being offered by a leading blockchain academic.


5 questions about the future of blockchain


Although the euphoria over blockchain has dissipated recently, many still see it as vital to the future of banks and the economy at large. Following are key issues being hashed out.


The Wall Street banks bullish on blockchain


Some banks have backed away from the technology, but Northern Trust, State Street and JPMorgan Chase are among those actively working on blockchain projects.


JPMorgan, Microsoft strike blockchain partnership


The bank is hoping the venture will encourage more companies to use Quorum, the Ethereum-based blockchain it built five years ago.


Facebook plans crypto-based payments system; Sloan was a keeper


Digital coin could be used for purchases across the internet; Berkshire vice chair says he would have let Sloan stay on at Wells.


OCC official provides more detail on financial innovation pilot


The head of the agency's innovation office said the program will be available only to OCC-regulated institutions.


Blockchain adopted by Canadian banks to verify client identities


Canada is making a big leap in modernizing identity verification, tapping blockchain technology to let consumers digitally prove who they are to securely access banking and other personal services.


Can blockchain cut down closing costs?


Provenance Blockchain, recently spun off from Mike Cagney's Figure Technologies, says it can help lenders trim 70% of mortgage settlement expenses through speedier processing and paperwork reduction.


Banks seek looser hiring rules; PayPal eyes Venmo for credit card


Banks say easing rules on people with some criminal records will diversify the applicant pool; deal with Synchrony may be near.


Why BNY Mellon stock dropped 10%; Blockchain still hot


Price hit "a grim reminder" about impact of soft interest rates; despite bitcoin's plunge, blockchain could be prominent in Wall Street's future.