Big data

CFPB sets stage for long fight on data-sharing rule


As it attempts to craft policy on access to consumers’ financial account information, the agency is wading into a battle between those who want data to flow more freely and those who prioritize security.


CFPB developing proposal on who can access customer data


The rulemaking is expected to draw enormous interest from both banks and third-party fintech providers.


CFPB to propose rules for how companies access customer data


The agency plans to issue an advance notice of proposed rulemaking dealing with efforts by fintechs and data aggregators to leverage a consumer's bank account information.


10 fintech forecasts for the ‘20s


A seasoned investor in startups offers his top predictions for the coming decade. Among them: Big tech firms will become big players in financial services.


Banking 2025: The struggle to avoid becoming the ‘dumb utility’


In trying to adapt and survive in an increasingly tech-dominated world, banks may unintentionally give up their most valuable commodity — their relationship with the consumer, and the data that comes with it.


Open banking will bring banks and fintechs together


Consumer demand for digital financial services will inspire a wave of new partnerships.


Google-Citi partnership stirs privacy concerns


Questions about the search giant's planned use of transactional data resonate not only with wary consumers, but also with banks that are worried about big tech’s financial services ambitions, as well as lawmakers and regulators concerned about the tech industry’s growing reach.


A tech solution to the pot banking problem


New data analytics could help provide more comfort to banks in doing business with the cannabis industry, despite restrictive federal laws.


Kabbage will buy small-business data provider


The acquisition of Radius Intelligence fits with the online lender's existing focus on small commercial borrowers.


Don’t let AI trigger a fair-lending violation


Banks need to mitigate potential bias in algorithmic predictive models using artificial intelligence, as regulators are weighing how to oversee the emerging technology.