Bernie Sanders

Republicans sought power to fire CFPB chief. Democrats may benefit.


The Supreme Court may be closer to examining a key restraint on a president's ability to change CFPB leadership.


Where the 2020 Democrats stand on banking issues


Critical comments about Wall Street in the first debates signal an unfriendly political environment for banks. Here is a sample of leading candidates’ financial policy views.


Sanders taunts Dimon over big-bank bailouts


Sen. Bernie Sanders lashed out at Jamie Dimon on Twitter after the chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase criticized socialism during an appearance in Washington.


Will housing issues be a focus of 2020 race?


At a time when costs continue to soar and regulators weigh reforms for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, more than half of the Democratic presidential candidates have talked about housing on the campaign trail.


Doomed or not, the proposal to cap credit card rates at 15% matters


The legislation from Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is part of an effort to shift the range of what is thinkable in Washington to the left. It may also serve to highlight the vulnerabilities of Democrats with bank-friendly records.


Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez propose 15% cap on credit card interest


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused banks of acting as “modern-day loan sharks” and called on Congress to enact a federal limit of 15% on credit card interest rates.


Why aren't White House hopefuls talking about banking?


With the candidates still introducing themselves to voters and honing their message, little has been said about the financial industry.


Another political storm is brewing for big banks


The 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are far more emboldened to offer radical reforms to the financial system than their predecessors — reforms that could ultimately take hold if one of them wins.


House panel schedules long-awaited hearing on pot banking


The Feb. 13 hearing marks a turning point in long-running efforts in Washington to ease bankers' fears about serving the cannabis industry.


Big-bank breakups, postal lending and more: 2020 Dem hopefuls' financial agendas


The already long list of potential challengers to President Trump in 2020 includes policymakers with a deep record on banking issues and those whose financial services views are a relative mystery.