Behavioral economics

As offices empty out, CRE picture looks bleak


Commercial real estate is facing another crisis as companies shift to work-from-home policies. Banks and regulators should brace themselves.


CFPB to hold symposium on behavioral economics


The event is the bureau's second in a series on consumer protection policy. The first dealt with the agency's authority to penalize firms for unfair, deceptive or abusive acts and practices.


This behavioral metric could help banks get ready for next downturn


The Money Anxiety Index, a measure of consumer saving and spending habits, has started rising off a 50-year low. The economist who created it says that means another slump is nearing, and that banks should use the intel in pricing deposits and making other decisions.


Build better tools to build better customer relationships


Tech innovation isn't just about creating more bells and whistles. It can also help deepen client bonds.


‘Incompetence reigns in the Senate': Comments of the week


Readers react to President Trump considering a credit union regulator to head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, debate a delay for top banking nominees, opine on the value of blockchain, and more.


How banks use behavioral economics to win over customers


The aim is not just to get consumers to act on a credit card offer or open a savings account, but to use the insight gleaned to build long-term relationships — without coming across as manipulators.


How to encourage Americans to save? Make it feel like gambling


Long Game is a mobile app that uses games to encourage its users to build a nest egg. Its example holds lessons for banks that are struggling to capture more of their customers' attention.