Barney Frank

Obama touts Dodd-Frank's staying power


Commemorating the law's anniversary, the ex-president, joined by former Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank, said years of tenacious GOP opposition did little to change the post-crisis regulatory regime.


10 years after bruising Dodd-Frank fight, is bipartisanship returning?


Rancor between Democrats and Republicans has made it hard to enact subsequent bills. But the 2018 reg relief package and more recent legislation offer hope for efforts to reach across the aisle.


Dodd-Frank has softened blow of pandemic, its authors say


Chris Dodd and Barney Frank said the legislation — nearing its 10th anniversary — put banks in position to be a stabilizing force during the coronavirus crisis.


Faces of the financial crisis: Where are they now? (Policymaker edition)


The D.C. movers and shakers at the center of the financial crisis — and the government’s response — have all moved on to new positions. Here's a look at what they did afterwards.


The crisis isn't over


Ten years ago, it was a banking crisis, but it became a political one. That crisis never ended.


Don’t count Barney Frank among critics of reg relief bill


Former Rep. Barney Frank rejected concerns voiced by other Democrats that a Senate bill rolling back some provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act will fuel another financial crisis.


Dodd, Frank reunite to protest CFPB leadership change


The former heads of the House and Senate banking committees argued Thursday that the Dodd-Frank Act clearly intended to allow the CFPB's deputy director to serve as acting director after the full-time head of the agency departed.