Warren won't let banks escape health care debate


If elected president, Sen. Elizabeth Warren would charge large banks a fee to help pay for her Medicare-for-all plan.


Should Fannie, Freddie be labeled ‘systemically important’?


The FHFA director’s recent comments about whether the government-sponsored enterprises should be designated as SIFIs tees up a potentially significant element of the mortgage finance debate.


Is Senate Banking’s Facebook inquiry the start of something big?


Lawmakers are taking a closer look at the company’s data collection practices and its work on cryptocurrency payments, raising the possibility of more action down the line.


Doomed or not, the proposal to cap credit card rates at 15% matters


The legislation from Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is part of an effort to shift the range of what is thinkable in Washington to the left. It may also serve to highlight the vulnerabilities of Democrats with bank-friendly records.


Is Dodd-Frank council evolving, or throwing in the towel?


The Financial Stability Oversight Council is shifting away from designating specific nonbanks and moving toward identifying activities that threaten the whole system. But some say that approach just weakens the council.


Banks can’t ignore fight over economic inequality


As with the debate over guns, climate change and other social issues, banks may find themselves pressured to do more to address the country's wealth gap.


Could Deutsche Bank probe be an opening for AML reform?


It remains to be seen whether anti-money-laundering provisions will get a deeper look this Congress or whether political optics will divide lawmakers on moving ahead with changes.


What banks can swipe from Google's video-game playbook


The internet giant's planned gaming service may create an omnichannel model for banks to emulate.


Don’t hold your breath for an executive compensation rule


If there is renewed interest in a proposal to restrict incentive-based plans, that isn’t enough to overcome obstacles that have hindered the rulemaking for so long.


Welcome to Operation Choke Point 2.0


Banks once again are finding themselves in the political crosshairs over customers they finance, but this time it’s community activists, not the government, leading the charge.