Online lenders seek to balance the needs of borrowers, investors


While LendingClub, Prosper, Avant and SoFi are giving existing borrowers breaks in the short term, they're considering tightening credit as the coronavirus outbreak threatens to drag the economy into a recession.


HSBC USA launches digital lending platform, admits to playing catch-up


The LendingClubs and SoFis of the world have a big head start, but HSBC's U.S. unit says its partnership with the fintech Avant will help it close the gap in online personal loans.


Avant to pay $3.85M to settle allegations of deceiving borrowers


The Federal Trade Commission accused the online lender of numerous violations in connection with its loan servicing practices. In one example, Avant allegedly informed customers that they could make payments by credit card or debit card but then refused to accept such payments.


GM joins Spring Labs' ID verification blockchain


The automaker's finance arm joins Avant, OnDeck Capital and SoFi in the system, which is designed to help verify loan applicants' identities.


Prosper branches out, shifts strategy as it launches second product


The online lender will roll out its first new product in 12 years, a home equity line of credit. But it's taking a different approach than with its original offering.


HSBC U.S. partners with web-based Avant to offer personal loans


The personal lending boom continues: HSBC's U.S. arm is teaming up with Avant, a closely held online lender, to offer unsecured loans to new and existing customers.


Online lenders tighten rules as default wave rattles investors


It's gotten a lot harder to borrow money from the raft of fintech firms looking to bring online lending into the mainstream.


Can blockchain ease banks’ digital-identity concerns?


A startup called Spring Labs has launched a blockchain network with the goal of getting lenders and data providers to share data to help verify customers' identity.


Online lenders spooked by Colorado's tough stance on interest rates


Digital lenders have been partnering with banks to get around state-by-state usury caps, but that approach is facing tougher scrutiny.