NCUA follows bank regulators’ lead on home appraisals


A new National Credit Union Administration proposal would raise the threshold for residential mortgages that require appraisals. However, the final rule is by no means a done deal.


Regulators finalize rule expanding exemption for home appraisals


The three federal banking agencies moved to raise the threshold for residential transactions that require an appraisal from $250,000 to $400,000.


House passes five bipartisan financial services bills


The legislation takes aim at third-party bank service vendors, the backlog of FHA appraisals, rural housing assistance and other issues where there is broad agreement.


Deutsche, UBS discussed alliance; battle over regulation continues


The banks considered an “unusual” investment banking merger; Volcker rule win will be followed by fights on capital rules, liquidity and stress tests.


Unfinished business: 8 reg-relief items on agencies' docket


The regulators have yet to complete rules on regional bank supervision, community bank capital and other provisions meant to ease institutions' burden.


Banks, appraisers assail NCUA rule as 'bad public policy'


The National Credit Union Administration caught flak after it approved raising the threshold for appraisals on commercial real estate loans to $1 million.


Financial Services Committee passes bills to reform credit reporting


Legislation backed by Democrats to reform the credit bureaus and allow consumers greater access to their information advanced without any Republican support.


'One less Cordray disciple in the Swamp': Comments of the week


Readers weigh in on the role of the Financial Accounting Standards Board, consider personnel changes at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, debate the viability of public banks and more.


NCUA appraisal plan is far from risky


The credit union regulator’s proposal to raise the appraisal threshold for nonresidential real estate loans won’t harm the economy or consumers, contrary to critics’ claims.


NCUA’s appraisal plan ignores lessons of last crisis


The credit union regulator’s proposal to raise the threshold for home-sale appraisals to $1 million could introduce more risk into the financial system, particularly if bank regulators follow suit.