Wilmers' legacy: Top CEOs praise M&T chief's leadership in crises


Bankers remember Bob Wilmers not only for spearheading the growth of M&T, but also embracing his role as the industry's voice in turbulent times.


Ameris in Ga. freed from BSA-related consent order


The company, which had recently expressed confidence that the issue would be resolved, agreed last month to buy a bank in Florida.


HSBC escapes prosecution as U.S. ends 5-year deferred deal


The move signals that the Justice Department is satisfied with the bank’s upgrades to its compliance systems after it was ensnared in a money-laundering scandal in Mexico.


M&T finally seems ready for another bank acquisition


Five years have passed since M&T agreed to buy Hudson City, only to be tripped up by anti-money-laundering issues. With a clean bill of health from regulators and Hudson integrated, management is again talking about its interest in deals.


Consistent Performer: How Dominic Ng built East West into a powerhouse


For remaking East West Bank from a small savings institution into a $36.3 billion-asset player with a seat on the front lines of U.S.-China relations – all while churning out record earnings year after year – American Banker is recognizing Ng for being a "Consistent Performer" as part of our 2017 Banker of the Year awards.


Pot is legal in Canada, and that poses dilemma for U.S. banks


A U.S. alcohol maker's $191 million investment in Canadian cannabis could raise difficult questions for the banks that have lent big sums of money to the company.


Warren, Van Hollen probe Bank of Tokyo's switch to national bank


Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., sent a letter to OCC officials suggesting that Bank of Tokyo was trying to avoid an investigation by New York examiners when it switched to a federal charter.


Lack of regulatory clarity holding back blockchain


The federal banking regulators should create a working group that, rather than propose new rules and regulations, would clarify the application of existing rules to blockchain technology.


Cordray resigns; OCC becoming banks' best friend?


CFPB director’s departure gives President Trump the chance to revamp the agency; the bank regulator is reverting to its industry-friendly ways.


Quarles’ regulatory vision; Shakeup at State Street


The Fed’s new chief bank regulator wants to change “the tenor of supervision”; Ron O’Hanley, who was named president this week, will also take over as CEO by the end of 2018.