American Bankers Association

Accountants cite banker burnout in calling for delay of new standard


The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants says banks are fighting accounting fatigue — thank CECL for that — and wants the FASB to push back a deadline for privately held firms to put operating leases on their balance sheets.


Credit union, bank groups trade shots over CFPB supervision of big CUs


A proposal to give the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau jurisdiction over credit unions with $10 billion or more of assets has sparked a war of words between the longtime foes.


Banks, credit unions trade blows in court on field of membership


While NCUA lawyers fielded questions about the possibility of redlining, a three-judge appeals panel showed skepticism about other elements of the ABA's arguments against changes to credit union membership rules


Is credit union regulator's field-of-membership appeal already in trouble?


Last-minute arguments from the American Bankers Association have put the National Credit Union Administration on the back foot in advance of an appeal hearing more than a year in the works.


Credit card, auto loan delinquencies hit seven-year high


More consumers were late in paying two major types of loans in the latest figures from the American Bankers Association, but it appears to be a relatively isolated problem.


Pot banking reform gets a boost from Barr endorsement


The attorney general told lawmakers that exempting states that have legalized marijuana from the federal ban is better than the current system where state and federal laws are in conflict.


Bankers back bill to let states determine marijuana rules


A broad bill that amends the Controlled Substances Act to formally recognize state laws legalizing marijuana has the support of the financial services industry.


FDIC crackdown on brokered deposits goes too far: ABA report


A legal memo conducted on behalf of the trade group says the agency’s policy goes beyond statutory intent and places undue restrictions on healthy banks.


Big, small banks have different ideas on how to fix pot banking


They all agree that legislation is needed, but the two approaches being offered are exposing tensions.


It's regulators' job to tailor rules for small banks: Fed's Bowman


In her first speech as a governor, the former community banker and Kansas state regulator highlighted the strengths of smaller institutions and the banking agencies' tailoring efforts.