American Bankers Association

NCUA looks to keep field-of-membership case out of Supreme Court


The agency has responded to the American Bankers Association's legal request to strike down expanded membership rules for credit unions.


Where OCC bent and where it held firm in final CRA rule


The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency watered down numeric metrics that some groups blasted and allowed more institutions to opt out of the new regime. But whether the agency has won over any detractors remains to be seen.


Agencies urged to pause CRA reform as banks manage pandemic response


The OCC is plowing ahead on plans to modernize the Community Reinvestment Act, but a growing consensus of industry and community voices says now is not the time for a major overhaul.


Industry groups form partnership to promote minority-run banks


The American Bankers Association and the National Bankers Association will collaborate on training and advocacy efforts.


Coalition urges Congress to protect stimulus checks from garnishment


In a rare show of unity, banking industry and consumer advocacy groups told congressional leaders that it is not too late to ensure individuals can access all of their coronavirus relief funds promised by the government.


Banks join calls to shield stimulus checks from debt collection


In some cases, financial institutions are required by court order to divert funds to private creditors. But the industry has added its voice to a consensus for a legislative update to ensure Americans receive their full amount.


ABA asks Supreme Court to settle disputed credit union membership rule


The banking lobby asserts that the NCUA's field-of-membership rule goes beyond the agency's legal mandate.


Bankers to get help with spotting human trafficking


The American Bankers Association said it’s offering a new online course because of increased demand by members for training tailored to banking.


Will NCUA capital plan encourage more bank-credit union deals?


Two major banking organizations objected to a proposal by the agency that would expand the pool of investors in subordinated debt issued by credit unions. They fear it could provide credit unions more financing to buy banks.


Why we converted from a credit union to a bank


A former credit union CEO explains why it chose to become a bank, subject to taxes, and says Congress needs to intervene in discussions on an NCUA proposal to loosen capital standards.