American Bankers Association

Appeals court upholds most of credit union membership rule


A panel of federal appeals court judges reversed a district court’s decision on the NCUA’s controversial field-of-membership rule, but saw merit in bankers’ claims of potential redlining.


Bankruptcy relief for farmers would compound banks' credit risk


President Trump is expected to sign legislation soon that would expand the number of farmers who could file under the more lenient Chapter 12. Ag lenders are worried because farm bankruptcies recently rose and the trade war with China could worsen.


OCC's innovation pilot gets little love from banks


Financial institutions welcome regulatory feedback on their fintech offerings, but the industry wants the agency to waive enforcement for approved products.


ABA voices 'serious concerns' about e-commerce firm's ILC bid


The industry trade group said Rakuten's non-financial activities raise questions about its pursuit of a banking charter.


Don’t look now, but home equity delinquencies are rising


Past due home equity loans and credit lines rose while most other consumer lending categories held steady or improved, according to new data from the ABA. Why it happened is a bit of a mystery.


Banks take a pass on rollback of overdraft rule


The CFPB asked whether 10-year-old consumer protections against overdrafts are onerous or unfair, especially to smaller financial institutions, but banking industry officials largely said any changes could invite new problems.


Credit unions get reprieve (again) on capital rule. Bankers jeer


The NCUA proposed Thursday to put off until 2022 implementation of a rule that would require larger credit unions to hold more risk-based capital.


Credit union courts nonmember deposits (and trouble with banks)


Freedom Northwest in Idaho hopes a proposal from the NCUA will help it bring in more deposits to fund a fast-growing mortgage business. Banks are crying foul.


FCC robocall ruling a setback for banks, debt collectors


The agency's vote Thursday threatens to block many of the industry's communications with customers, though banks did win one concession.


Accountants cite banker burnout in calling for delay of new standard


The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants says banks are fighting accounting fatigue — thank CECL for that — and wants the FASB to push back a deadline for privately held firms to put operating leases on their balance sheets.