American Bankers Association

Banks, credit unions help federal workers weather shutdown


Financial institutions of all sizes are offering low- or zero-rate loans, waiving fees and making other arrangements to aid federal workers — a practice that regulators officially blessed on Friday, the 21st day of the closing of many U.S. agencies.


Banks are feeling effects of shutdown: ABA


The American Bankers Association has called for an end to the government shutdown, saying it has prevented customers from securing loans and threatens even more damage.


Household delinquencies are on the rise. Should bankers be worried?


More consumers fell behind on their loans in the third quarter of 2018, even as average wages rose and the unemployment rate fell to a 50-year low.


PenFed deal feeds bankers' fears of unlimited credit union membership


An “emergency merger” with the troubled Progressive Credit Union gives PenFed — already the nation’s third-largest credit union — the ability to welcome any potential member nationwide.


Can core providers and small banks settle grievances in 2019?


Both sides acknowledge where expectations haven't been met, and are feeling the same market pressures to adapt faster.


Waters calls on FEMA to continue offering flood insurance despite shutdown


Lawmakers and industry groups were caught off guard when FEMA said it wouldn't issue flood insurance policies during the government shutdown, despite an extension passed last week.


Securing bank apps: What if mobile carriers get hacked?


There are steps financial firms can take to protect their customers in the event a major wireless network is compromised, including reconsidering the use of SMS messaging for account authentication.


This fintech is taking anti-bank marketing to extremes. It may pay for it


Good Money just raised $30 million and is a year away from launching, but already is raising concerns for its trash-talking of established players.


Bankers cry foul over Robinhood’s checking and savings accounts


The fintech's new products may violate several banking and securities regulations and could mislead the public about the differences between coverage on banking and investment accounts, industry officials say.


NCUA lays out legal defense of contentious membership rule


The regulator claimed Congress has already granted it the authority to define field-of-membership areas.