Alternative lending

Crypto lenders push no-tax perk of leveraging bitcoin for cash


Since last fall, when the value of digital money plummeted, lenders have been pushing people who have paper profits to leverage them into cash by borrowing against their cryptocurrencies. And the fact that there's no tax bill on the transactions is a big selling point.


Lenders without border walls


Some fintechs have figured out how to provide international students and immigrants with credit cards and loans. Machine learning makes the underwriting possible.


Alternative lenders try to fill void left by shutdown


The tricky part: raising awareness without appearing to take advantage of borrowers at a time when agencies like the SBA are out of commission.


Ripple's bank creep, LendUp's new CEO, regulatory competition: Top stories of the week


One bank's push to use Ripple's XRP in cross-border payments; LendUp spins off credit card business, names new CEO; a worrisome resurgence of rivalry among the banking agencies; and more from this week's most-read stories.


Smartphone brand can reflect creditworthiness: FDIC study


A paper released by the agency’s Center for Financial Research says aspects of someone’s digital footprint — including whether they use Apple or Android — help predict likelihood of default.


Bill to enhance poor credit scores will backfire, critics say


Allowing alternative data such as rent and utility payments has bipartisan support, but some say it could create more problems than it solves.


Small-business loan approvals rise as unemployment falls


Approval rates for small-business loan applications were up at small and larger financial institutions as the labor market continued to improve.


To fuel digital currencies, crypto-lender finances sales of mining gear


Cereal is looking at the aspects of the market that could be considered the most stable. By encouraging more mining activity, Cereal also promotes the viability of the cryptocurrencies being mined.


Lenders to crowdfunding-reliant firms face steep hurdles


For one California bank, the biggest challenge was finding equity investors to participate in deals.


Will dropping tax lien data from credit reporting lead to bad loans?


Some fear that the removal of such data from individual credit reports could lead lenders to believe a consumer is a better bet than they really are.