Alternative banks

House passes appropriations amendment to fund postal banking


The measure would release $2 million in funding for the U.S. Postal Service to launch pilot programs to provide basic services such as checking accounts and bill payment.


Coronavirus prompts renewed calls for postal banking, faster payments


Millions of Americans have yet to receive their stimulus checks, leading progressives to demand reforms improving underbanked consumers’ access to the financial system.


Goldman goes transparent; Banks up to the challenge


Goldman Sachs plans to offer details into its workings to boost its stock value; while challenger banks are prospering, traditional banks still rule the roost.


'Out of the shadows': Use of alternative data in lending gains ground


Financial regulators’ statement cautiously encouraging banks to go beyond traditional underwriting in their lending decisions is a big step forward for the use of alternative data and artificial intelligence, bankers say.


Cash-flow data shows promise as predictor of credit risk


Melissa Koide, co-founder and CEO of FinRegLab, analyzed loan data from six lenders that use cash-flow data in their underwriting. She shares what she found.


Los Angeles voters reject public bank


Banking industry groups said they were vindicated by the defeat of the ballot measure, but public banking advocates plan to keep pushing the idea.


The challenger bank Chime says it has 750,000 millennial customers


Few fees, automated savings and social media engagement all reel in the 23- to 37-year-old set and present a competitive threat to big, traditional banks, according to CEO Chris Britt.