Ag lending

Community Banks with the Largest Farm Loan Portfolios


On Jun. 30, 2019. Dollars in thousands.


Farm foreclosures rise as trade war drags on


Banks are taking back more farmland through foreclosure than at any point in the past three years as low crop prices, epic flooding and the Trump administration’s trade spat with China have left many farmers struggling to pay their debts.


Bankruptcy relief for farmers would compound banks' credit risk


President Trump is expected to sign legislation soon that would expand the number of farmers who could file under the more lenient Chapter 12. Ag lenders are worried because farm bankruptcies recently rose and the trade war with China could worsen.


Bringing fintech to farmers


Growers Edge is adapting retail financial technology to compete with traditional banks in ag lending and crop insurance.


The similar challenges facing these different niche lenders


County Bancorp is a small dairy lender in Wisconsin with an exposure to milk prices, and Bank OZK is a larger bank in Arkansas coping with out-of-market real estate trends. Their stories show how market sensitivities can vex specialists.


'Farmers are caught in a liquidity trap'


America's farms have taken on near-record levels of debt in recent years, and commodity prices and trade wars are putting pressure on farm country. That could spell bad news for bankers that lend to them.


Community Banks with the Largest Farm Loan Portfolios


On Mar. 31, 2019. Dollars in thousands.


‘Epic’ flooding forces ag banks to lean on farm agency


Lenders are turning to the Farm Service Agency to backstop more loans as their Midwestern customers are beset by flooding in addition to the U.S. trade war with China and volatile crop prices. Can the FSA meet the increased demand?


Regulators are open to banks serving hemp businesses: Fed's Bowman


Nominated for a full term at the central bank, Michelle Bowman told senators that bankers should not fear repercussions for servicing hemp growers after the crop was legalized.


U.S.-China trade war heightens fears of farm credit crunch


Farmers were already taking on more debt to cover losses from falling crop prices. New tariffs and other retaliatory moves could hurt ag borrowers further and lead to loan losses and tighter underwriting.