Inside Citi's plan for 'payment ubiquity'


Digital payment innovators have shown an almost limitless propensity to home in on banks’ turf, and Citigroup is ready to strike back.


Citi's challenge in cross-border payments: Outsmart the tech giants


Billions of dollars in investments are pouring into digital payments, but the hefty numbers obscure a regulatory and competitive squeeze that could shut banks out of the profits for good.


Wells Fargo's cave to Square drags small banks into the fee fight


The simplified pricing of fintechs like Square and Stripe has finally caught up with banks' more complex fees, prompting Wells Fargo to restructure its billing for small businesses. Other banks will also face consequences—particularly community banks that depend on local merchants.


JPMorgan buying WePay, shifting fintech investment into high gear


JPMorgan Chase has made several investments in financial technology startups, but its plan to buy WePay will give its 4 million small-business clients a much more direct way to adopt digital payments.


U.S. Bancorp scrambles to keep pace in payments field


Revenue growth in its merchant payments business is expected to be tepid in the foreseeable future. The Minneapolis company says it is looking to ramp up innovation to stay competitive in a business that has been upended by fintech firms and online shopping.


Worldpay draws takeover interest from Vantiv, JPMorgan


Both Vantiv and JPMorgan have a strong merchant acquiring business in the U.S., while Worldpay has a large market in Europe.