Accounting standards

How Congress can prevent a post-pandemic financial crisis


Two bills — one providing relief from a loan accounting standard and another extending forebearance measures — would collectively contain credit losses.


Strip FASB of its powers


Lawmakers should go further than their recent criticism of the Financial Accounting Standards Board's loan-loss rule and just hand over its duties to the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Calls for CECL delay expose standard's flaws


If the new accounting standard poses too many risks during an economic crisis, then it's probably not a good idea at all.


Bipartisan scolding of FASB chief raises lender hopes of softer CECL


Lenders grew more optimistic that Congress will undo or narrow the loan-loss accounting standard after members of a House subcommittee assailed Russell Golden for approving the rule without studying its impact on credit availability.


Investors want new accounting standards, FASB says. Investors disagree.


Hal Schroeder of FASB claims that investors have no confidence in the current loss standard. Several investors at a prominent accounting conference disagree.


Nonbank players are ready for CECL — are banks?


The accounting standard is coming regardless of a delay. It will bring some nonbank lenders to the forefront of banking competition.


CECL: A solution in search of a problem


The new accounting standard meant for publicly traded firms creates greater headaches for privately held community banks.


Easing derivatives trading rule would help the system, not hurt it


Regulators should proceed with removing one of the margin requirements for trading swaps.


Dear Congress: Don’t toss CECL out, work with FASB to amend it


With some adjustments, the loan-loss accounting standard can be more secure and workable for banks.


FASB chair defends CECL: ‘The benefits justify the cost'


Russ Golden, the chairman of the Financial Accounting Standards Board, says implementation of its credit loss rule should go forward, but will issue new supporting documents