Accounting methods

Strip FASB of its powers


Lawmakers should go further than their recent criticism of the Financial Accounting Standards Board's loan-loss rule and just hand over its duties to the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Don’t use coronavirus as an excuse to derail CECL


Lawmakers delayed the new accounting standard as part of the stimulus package, but they shouldn't let bankers persuade them to eliminate it outright.


Time for Congress to put an end to CECL


Policymakers should abolish the new accounting standard because it could distract banks at exactly the moment they need to be focused on pulling their communities from the brink of recession.


CECL is a real threat to the financial system


The new accounting standard meant to prevent another financial crisis could actually trigger one.


'A wolf in sheep's clothing': Comments of the week


Readers react to states investigating payroll advance companies and the GOP's weak response to cannabis banking, heed a warning that nonbanks are prepared for CECL and more.


Nonbank players are ready for CECL — are banks?


The accounting standard is coming regardless of a delay. It will bring some nonbank lenders to the forefront of banking competition.


CECL: A solution in search of a problem


The new accounting standard meant for publicly traded firms creates greater headaches for privately held community banks.


Easing derivatives trading rule would help the system, not hurt it


Regulators should proceed with removing one of the margin requirements for trading swaps.


'What a bunch of Luddites!': Comments of the week


Readers react to Congress vetting Facebook's Libra, heavily debate whether to delay CECL, opine attempts to roll back overdraft laws and more.


Dear Congress: Don’t toss CECL out, work with FASB to amend it


With some adjustments, the loan-loss accounting standard can be more secure and workable for banks.