Former FASB chair defends his legacy as more than CECL


Russell Golden, who just stepped down from the Financial Accounting Standards Board, says he wants to be remembered for encouraging open discourse over new rules and efforts to simplify financial accounting.


Don’t use coronavirus as an excuse to derail CECL


Lawmakers delayed the new accounting standard as part of the stimulus package, but they shouldn't let bankers persuade them to eliminate it outright.


CECL impact delayed two years


Regulators are allowing banks that implemented the loan-loss standard to forestall any capital hits until 2022.


CECL is a real threat to the financial system


The new accounting standard meant to prevent another financial crisis could actually trigger one.


FASB extends CECL deadline for most lenders


The decision gives the vast majority of banks and credit unions another year to implement the controversial accounting method for loan losses.


'What a bunch of Luddites!': Comments of the week


Readers react to Congress vetting Facebook's Libra, heavily debate whether to delay CECL, opine attempts to roll back overdraft laws and more.


Agencies are close to finishing Volcker Rule changes: FDIC's McWilliams


The head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. previously had said regulators were weighing numerous options for addressing criticism of their 2018 proposal.