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'Another hysterical voice of doom': Comments of the week


Readers sound off on climate change, the Federal Reserve's incoming real-time payments system, praise efforts for gender pay equity and more.


Banks moving to national charters; Cryan gets new post


Fifth Third Bancorp becomes the largest bank to switch from state to OCC regulation; former Deutsche CEO named chairman of Man Group.


Citi’s Jane Fraser on how the corruption crackdown in Latin America impacts banking


How politics, corruption, population growth and new technology are reshaping banking in Central and South America.


How JPMorgan Chase’s Erdoes handles ‘bad eggs’


The CEO of J.P. Morgan Asset Management and American Banker’s Most Powerful Woman in Finance shares advice about dealing with tricky clients and colleagues.


How Citi 'co-creates' innovative apps with customers


Yolande Piazza explains Citi Fintech's process for obtaining customer feedback on new apps


‘You have to laugh at yourself’: J.P. Morgan's Erdoes


Mary Callahan Erdoes, CEO, J.P. Morgan Asset Management and American Banker’s Most Powerful Woman in Finance, shared a funny story about her kids and her boss, Jamie Dimon, at the Most Powerful Women in Banking dinner.  


Movies paint false picture of women in banking: Geena Davis


Geena Davis told a group of female bankers on Thursday that women are rarely seen in anything but supporting roles.


'Culture doesn't change overnight'


How Ellen Alemany, CIT's CEO, is enforcing a set of core behaviors at the company. One is straight talk.


Will fintech create a small-business-loan utopia?


Karen Mills, former head of the Small Business Administration, says the glut of online lenders could help entrepreneurs obtain funds quickly.


‘New York doesn’t allow that’: Maria Vullo stares down fintechs, OCC


While some policymakers are open to accommodating fintech companies with looser oversight compared to banks, the New York State superintendent is unapologetic about her tough approach.