2005 Bankruptcy Amendments (BAPCPA)

What's in a word: New immigration public charge rule and "bankruptcy"?


I was surprised to find that the explosive new US immigration "public charge" rule has some interesting bankruptcy angles.


Consumer Bankruptcy, Done Correctly, To Help Struggling Americans


Today, Senator Elizabeth Warren unveiled her new plan to reform the consumer bankruptcy system. The plan is simple, yet elegant. It is based on actual data and research (including some of my own with Consumer Bankruptcy Project co-investigators Slipster Bob Lawless, former Slipster, now Congresswoman Katie Porter, and former Slipster Debb Thorne).


Driven to Bankruptcy — New Research from the Consumer Bankruptcy Project


In America, people drive — to work, to the doctor, to the grocery store, to their kids' daycare, to see their aging parents. Research shows that car ownership increases the probability of employment and number of hours worked; households without cars have lower incomes and are more likely to be in poverty. In short, cars are essential. Household financial distress can threaten people's cars, and with them, the day-to-day stability that car ownership brings. People thus may file bankruptcy, in part, to save their cars.


Consumer Bankruptcy Reform ... and American Xenophobia?


I hope I'm not stepping on Bob's toes in announcing the public release of the long-awaited report of the ABI Commission on Consumer Bankruptcy.


File This Under Calling BS on Bankruptcy Fearmongering


As anyone familiar with bankruptcy would have predicted, the dire predictions of disaster for municipalities seeking bankruptcy protection have proven to be ... let's just say exaggerated.


Glass-Steagal: It's the Politics, Stupid!


It was like eight nights of Chanukkah in one for me watching the Democratic debate last night. There was a Glass-Steagal lovefest going on. But here's the thing:  no one seems to get why Glass-Steagal was important or the connection between Glass-Steagal and the financial crisis.