Case number: 5:18-bk-00784 - American Bonding Co., Inc. - West Virginia Northern Bankruptcy Court

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U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Northern District of West Virginia (Wheeling)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 5:18-bk-00784

Assigned to: Judge-BK Patrick M. Flatley
Chapter 11

Date filed:  08/16/2018
341 meeting:  10/01/2018
Deadline for filing claims:  12/31/2018
Deadline for filing claims (govt.):  02/12/2019
Deadline for objecting to discharge:  11/30/2018


American Bonding Co., Inc.

3257 Guernsey St.
Bellaire, OH 43906
Tax ID / EIN: 55-0588262

represented by
Martin P. Sheehan

Sheehan & Nugent, PLLC
41 15th Street
Wheeling, WV 26003
(304) 232-1064
Fax : 304-232-1066
Email: [email protected]

U.S. Trustee

United States Trustee

2025 United States Courthouse
300 Virginia Street East
Charleston, WV 25301
represented by
Debra A. Wertman

U.S. Trustee's Office
300 Virginia Street East
Room 2025
Charleston, WV 25301
(304) 347-3400
Email: [email protected]

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09/10/201825Order Granting Motion to Extend Time (Related Doc # 23). Schedule G due 9/21/2018. Schedule H due 9/21/2018. Atty Disclosure Statement due 9/21/2018. Statement of Financial Affairs due 9/21/2018. Summary of Assets and Liabilities due 9/21/2018. Balance Sheet due 9/21/2018. Statement of Operations due 9/21/2018. Federal Income Tax Return due 9/21/2018. Cash Flow Statement due 9/21/2018. Corporate Resolution due 9/21/2018. List of Equity Security Holders due 9/21/2018. (as) 9/10/2018. (Entered: 09/10/2018)
09/10/201824Receipt Number 26C56JMM, Fee Amount $31.00 (Related Doc # 20 Schedules filed by Debtor American Bonding Co., Inc., 21 Order To Pay Delinquent Fee). (as) (Entered: 09/10/2018)
09/10/201823Motion to Extend Time with Certificate of Service. Filed by Martin P. Sheehan on behalf of American Bonding Co., Inc.. (Sheehan, Martin) (Entered: 09/10/2018)
09/10/201822Order Amending Schedule RE: Schedule A/B, D, E/F (Related Doc # 20). (as) 9/10/2018 (Entered: 09/10/2018)
09/10/201821Order To Pay Delinquent Fee Re: Amended Schedules (Related Doc # 20). Fee due by 9/24/2018. (as) 9/10/2018 (Entered: 09/10/2018)
Schedule A/B, D, E/F
with Certificate of Service Filed by Martin P. Sheehan on behalf of American Bonding Co., Inc. (Sheehan, Martin) (Entered: 09/07/2018)
09/01/201819BNC Certificate of Service. (related document(s) 17 Order To Set Hearing). Notice Date 09/01/2018. (Admin.) (Entered: 09/02/2018)