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Case number: 4:23-bk-32279 - Siana Oil & Gas Co., LLC - Texas Southern Bankruptcy Court

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Siana Oil & Gas Co., LLC
Jeffrey P Norman
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U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of Texas (Houston)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 23-32279

Assigned to: Bankruptcy Judge Jeffrey P Norman
Chapter 11

Date filed:  06/21/2023
341 meeting:  07/31/2023
Deadline for filing claims:  09/08/2023
Deadline for filing claims (govt.):  12/19/2023


Siana Oil & Gas Co., LLC

PO Box 2246
Conroe, TX 77305-2246
Tax ID / EIN: 80-0013133

represented by
Reese W Baker

Baker & Associates
950 Echo Lane
Suite 300
Houston, TX 77024
Fax : 713-869-9100
Email: [email protected]


Thomas A Howley

Howley Law PLLC
711 Louisiana Street, Ste. 1850
Houston, TX 77002

U.S. Trustee

US Trustee

Office of the US Trustee
515 Rusk Ave
Ste 3516
Houston, TX 77002
represented by
Hector Duran, Jr

U.S. Trustee
515 Rusk
Ste 3516
Houston, Tx 77002
Email: [email protected]

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05/22/2024192Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Mailing. (Related document(s):[191] Generic Order) No. of Notices: 6. Notice Date 05/22/2024. (Admin.)
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BNC Certificate of Mailing. (Related document(s):[182] Order Setting Hearing) No. of Notices: 6. Notice Date 05/17/2024. (Admin.)
05/17/2024188Docket Text
Stipulation By Allison D Byman and Oasis Petroleum North America LLC. Does this document include an agreed order or otherwise request that the judge sign a document? Yes. (Filed By Allison D Byman ). (Million, Timothy)
05/16/2024187Docket Text
Order on Application for Administrative Expenses Signed on 5/16/2024 (Related document(s):[161] Application for Administrative Expenses) (mar4)
05/15/2024186Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Mailing. (Related document(s):[176] Order on Application to Employ) No. of Notices: 5. Notice Date 05/15/2024. (Admin.)
05/15/2024185Docket Text
PDF with attached Audio File. Court Date & Time [ 5/15/2024 1:43:37 PM ]. File Size [ 24055 KB ]. Run Time [ 00:50:07 ]. (admin).
05/15/2024184Docket Text
Courtroom Minutes. Time Hearing Held: 11:00. Appearances: Reese Baker for the applicant, Timothy Million for the Trustee Allison Byman, and Hector Duran for the US Trustee. (Related document(s):[161] Application for Administrative Expenses, [180] Emergency Motion to Allow Exhibits/Continue/Withdraw) Evidentiary hearing held. Reese Baker sworn and testimony given. Cross examination conducted. US Trustee exhibits at docket 177-1 thru 177-8 were admitted. The Court sustained the objections on the timely filing of Baker exhibits. Baker rest. Allison Byman sworn. Direct and cross examination conducted. Closing arguments made. Matter taken under advisement. (trc4)
05/15/2024183Docket Text
Witness List, Exhibit List (Filed By Allison D Byman ).(Related document(s):[180] Emergency Motion) (Attachments: # (1) Exhibit 1 # (2) Exhibit 2 # (3) Exhibit 3) (Million, Timothy)