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Case number: 4:13-bk-45133 - 7 M Hospitality, Inc. - Texas Northern Bankruptcy Court

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7 M Hospitality, Inc.
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REFORM, DsclsDue

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Northern District of Texas (Ft. Worth)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 13-45133-dml11

Assigned to: D. Michael Lynn
Chapter 11

Date filed:  11/05/2013


7 M Hospitality, Inc.

921 Second Ave
Stephenville, TX 76401
Tax ID / EIN: 27-2678017

represented by
Eric A. Liepins

Eric A. Liepins, P.C.
12770 Coit Rd., Suite 1100
Dallas, TX 75251
(972) 991-5591
Email: [email protected]

U.S. Trustee

United States Trustee

1100 Commerce Street
Room 976
Dallas, TX 75242

Latest Dockets
Date Filed#Docket Text
08/20/201893Docket Text
Notice of change of address filed by Creditor Super 8 Worldwide, Inc.. (Catuogno, David)
05/31/201792Docket Text
Notice of change of address filed by Creditor Super 8 Worldwide, Inc.. (Catuogno, David)
09/22/2014Docket Text
Bankruptcy case closed. (Baird, Dennis)
08/29/201491Docket Text
Notice of designating new lead counsel within firm adding Paul B. Geilich and Paul B. Geilich for Plains Capital Bank. Involvement of Martin Keith Thomas terminated. filed by Plains Capital Bank, Plains Capital Bank. (Geilich, Paul)
08/29/201490Docket Text
Notice of Appearance and Request for Notice by Paul B. Geilich filed by Creditor Plains Capital Bank. (Geilich, Paul)
08/27/201489Docket Text
Order granting motion for final decree (related document [84]) Entered on 8/27/2014. (Chambers, Deanna)
08/25/201488Docket Text
Transcript regarding Hearing Held 05/07/2014 (10 pgs.) RE: Confirmation of Amended Plan. THIS TRANSCRIPT WILL BE MADE ELECTRONICALLY AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC 90 DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF FILING. TRANSCRIPT RELEASE DATE IS 11/24/2014. Until that time the transcript may be viewed at the Clerk's Office or a copy may be obtained from the official court transcriber. Court Reporter/Transcriber Kathy Rehling, [email protected], Telephone number 972-786-3063. (RE: related document(s) doc Hearing held on 5/7/2014. (RE: related document(s)[74] Amended chapter 11 plan filed by Debtor 7 M Hospitality, Inc. (RE: related document(s)[67] Chapter 11 plan ***PLAN CONFIRMED***). Transcript to be made available to the public on 11/24/2014. (Rehling, Kathy)
08/19/201487Docket Text
Request for transcript regarding a hearing held on 5/7/2014. The requested turn-around time is 7-day expedited (Maben, S)
07/10/201486Docket Text
Debtor-in-possession monthly operating report for filing period 05/01/2014 to 05/31/2014 filed by Debtor 7 M Hospitality, Inc.. (Liepins, Eric)
06/26/201485Docket Text
Order granting application for compensation (related document [77]) granting for Eric A. Liepins, fees awarded: $22180.00, expenses awarded: $2045.83 Entered on 6/26/2014. (Chambers, Deanna)