Case number: 6:22-bk-02923 - Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe, LLC - South Carolina Bankruptcy Court

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    Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe, LLC

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    South Carolina (scbke)

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    Helen E. Burris

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PlnDue, DsclsDue, EXTTM

United States Bankruptcy Court
District of South Carolina (Greenville)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 22-02923-hb

Assigned to: Chief Judge Helen E. Burris
Chapter 11

Date filed:  10/27/2022
341 meeting:  12/09/2022
Deadline for filing claims:  03/09/2023
Deadline for filing claims (govt.):  04/25/2023
Deadline for objecting to discharge:  02/07/2023


Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe, LLC

802 Laurel Meadows Parkway
Greenville, SC 29607
Tax ID / EIN: 20-8438953

represented by
Robert A. Pohl

PO Box 27290
Greenville, SC 29616
Fax : 864-558-5291
Email: [email protected]

U.S. Trustee

US Trustee's Office

Strom Thurmond Federal Building
1835 Assembly St.
Suite 953
Columbia, SC 29201

Latest Dockets

Date Filed#Docket Text
11/23/2022Receipt of Filing Fee for Schedules/Statements Filed( 22-02923-hb) [misc,schstmt] ( 32.00). Receipt Number A13201785, amount 32.00. (U.S. Treasury) (Entered: 11/23/2022)
11/23/202210Schedules Filed: Summary of Assets and Liabilities Schedule A/B Schedule D Schedule E/F Schedule G Schedule H Declaration About an Individual Debtors Schedules; Statements Filed: Statement of Financial Affairs Disclosure of Compensation of Attorney for Debtors Business Income and Expenses FEE REQUIRED for a Non-Individual Filed by Robert A. Pohl of POHL, P.A. on behalf of Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe, LLC. (Pohl, Robert) (Entered: 11/23/2022)
11/21/20229Initial Debtor-In-Possession Report Filed by Robert A. Pohl of POHL, P.A. on behalf of Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe, LLC. (Pohl, Robert) (Entered: 11/21/2022)
11/15/20228Order Granting Motion to Extend Time to File Schedules/Statements. (Related Doc # 7). Document Served. Due 11/25/2022 (Woods, D) (Entered: 11/15/2022)
11/14/20227Motion to Extend Time To File Schedules, Statement of Financial Affairs and other documents required under 11 USC Section 521(a) with Certificate of Service Filed by Robert A. Pohl of POHL, P.A. on behalf of Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe, LLC (related document(s)1). (Attachments: # 1 Proposed Order # 2 Certificate of Service) (Pohl, Robert) (Entered: 11/14/2022)
11/02/20226Notice of Appearance and Request for Notice with Certificate of Service Filed by Jason D Wyman of Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP on behalf of Pinnacle Bank. (Wyman, Jason) (Entered: 11/02/2022)
10/30/20225Certificate of Service of Meeting of Creditors Notice as served by the Bankruptcy Noticing Center. Notice Date 10/30/2022. (Related Doc # 4) (Admin.) (Entered: 10/31/2022)
10/28/20224Notice of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case, Meeting of Creditors, and Deadlines. Document Served. 341(a) meeting to be held on 12/9/2022 at 09:30 AM at Telephone - 341. Last day to oppose discharge or dischargeability is 2/7/2023. Proofs of Claims due by 3/9/2023. (Woods, D) (Entered: 10/28/2022)
10/27/20223Corporate Exhibit A, Filed by Robert A. Pohl of POHL, P.A. on behalf of Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe, LLC. (related document(s)1). (Pohl, Robert) (Entered: 10/27/2022)
10/27/2022Receipt of Filing Fee for Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11) (atty)( 22-02923) [misc,volp11ac] (1738.00). Receipt Number A13170406, amount 1738.00. (U.S. Treasury) (Entered: 10/27/2022)