Case number: 5:16-bk-11232 - PostRock MidContinent Production LLC - Oklahoma Western Bankruptcy Court

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    PostRock MidContinent Production LLC

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    Oklahoma Western (okwbke)

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    Sarah A. Hall

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Docket Header

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Western District of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 16-11232

Assigned to: Sarah A. Hall
Chapter 11

Date filed:  04/01/2016
341 meeting:  05/02/2016
Deadline for filing claims (govt.):  09/28/2016


PostRock MidContinent Production LLC

210 Park Avenue, Suite 2750
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Tax ID / EIN: 20-0481979

represented by
Mark A. Craige

Crowe & Dunlevy
500 Kennedy Building
321 S. Boston
Tulsa, OK 74103
(918) 592-9878
Fax : (918) 599-6318
Email: [email protected]

Stephen J. Moriarty

Fellers Snider
100 N. Broadway Ave., Suite 1700
Oklahoma City, OK 73102-8820
(405) 232-0621
Fax : (405) 232-9659
Email: [email protected]

John Napier

Crowe & Dunlevy
324 N Robinson Ste 100
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 235-7700
Fax : (405) 239-6651
Email: [email protected]

Christopher M. Staine

Crowe & Dunlevy PC
Braniff Building
324 North Robinson Avenue, Suite 100
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 234-3241
Fax : 405-272-5294
Email: [email protected]

U.S. Trustee

United States Trustee

United States Trustee
215 Dean A. McGee Ave., 4th Floor
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 231-5951

Latest Dockets

Date Filed#Docket Text
05/19/201618Schedules: Schedule A/B: Property for Non-Individual, Schedule D: Creditors Having Claims Secured by Property - Non-Individual, Schedule E/F: Creditors Who Have Unsecured Claims for Non-Individual, Schedule G: Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases - Non-Individual, Schedule H: Codebtors - Non-Individual, Includes A Summary of Your Assets and Liabilities (non-individuals), Filed by Stephen J. Moriarty of Fellers Snider on behalf of PostRock MidContinent Production LLC. (Moriarty, Stephen) (Entered: 05/19/2016)
04/26/201616Change of Address re: Mailing Address, for Timothy R Hatfield Filed by. (mmorg, ca) (Entered: 04/26/2016)
04/25/201617Change of Address re: Mailing Address, for Fred & Norma Jean Simon Filed by Norma Jean Simon, Fred Simon. (bsm, ca) (Entered: 04/26/2016)
04/22/201615Change of Address re: Mailing Address, for Bill E Reinhardt Filed by. (mmorg, ca) (Entered: 04/22/2016)
04/08/201614BNC Certificate of Mailing. (RE: related document(s) 13Regenerate 341) No. of Notices: 2760. Notice Date 04/08/2016. (Admin.) (Entered: 04/08/2016)
04/06/201613REGENERATED NOTICE: Meeting of Creditors with 341(a) meeting to be held on 5/2/2016 at 02:00 at 1st Floor, room 113, 215 Dean A. McGee Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK.. This Notice has been regenerated for the following reason: to Correct to verify matrix (RE: related document(s) 12Notice to Set Meeting (chp 11 & 13)) (bsm, ca) (Entered: 04/06/2016)
Case Verified.
Missing Documents Due.
All Required Schedules due 4/15/2016. Summary of Assets and Liabilities due 4/15/2016. Atty Disclosure Statement due 4/15/2016. Statement of Financial Affairs due 4/15/2016. (bsm, ca) (Entered: 04/06/2016)
04/04/201612Notice by Trustee to Set Meeting of Creditors . 341(a) meeting to be held on 5/2/2016 at 02:00 PM at 1st Floor, room 113, 215 Dean A. McGee Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK. (jebe, ca) (Entered: 04/04/2016)
04/04/201611Notice by AUST of Date of Meeting of Creditors . (jebe, ca) (Entered: 04/04/2016)
04/03/201610BNC Certificate of Mailing. (RE: related document(s) 7Order on Motion to Consolidate Case) No. of Notices: 5. Notice Date 04/03/2016. (Admin.) (Entered: 04/03/2016)