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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
U.S. Light Energy, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-11125705/27/2015
Superior Office Furniture, Inc.New York Northern5:15-bk-30676705/07/2015
Magnale, LLCNew York Northern6:15-bk-616291211/17/2015
Syracuse Laser Spa, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-315251110/20/2015Discharge Not Applicable
American Biogas Conditioning, LLCNew York Northern5:15-bk-31792712/02/201503/17/2017Discharge Not Applicable
Grinner Properties LLCNew York Northern5:15-bk-315721110/29/2015
Corporate Management Group, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-12177710/29/2015
SOISYRMA Holding Co., LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-122561111/09/2015
Farrand's Flowers & Event Planning, Inc.New York Northern6:15-bk-61543710/29/2015
TO-DO DEVELOPMENT LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-122421111/05/2015
The Rose Salluzzo Grandchild Trust for Shenel SallNew York Northern6:15-bk-61627711/16/2015
Hayes Land Holdings, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-121531110/26/201501/27/2016Dismissed for Other Reason 11/18/2015
One More Round, Inc.New York Northern1:15-bk-12303711/13/201501/20/2016Discharge Not Applicable
Lexington Laser Spa, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-120951110/20/2015Discharge Not Applicable
Premier Laser Spa of Boston II, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-120991110/20/2015Discharge Not Applicable
Knoxville Laser Spa, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-120941110/20/2015
Turkey Lake, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-120911110/20/2015
Fliptz, LLCNew York Northern5:15-bk-31485710/08/2015
Premier Laser Spa of Louisville, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-121081110/20/2015
Nashville Laser Spa, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-120961110/20/2015
Premier Laser Spa of Cincinnati, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-121011110/20/2015
Premier Laser Spa of Virginia, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-121131110/20/2015
Premier Laser Spa of Boston, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-121001110/20/2015Discharge Not Applicable
Syracuse Laser Spa, LLCNew York Northern5:15-bk-315251110/20/201512/08/2015Intra-District Transfer
Premier Laser Spa of Orlando, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-121091110/20/2015
Premier Laser Spa of Indianapolis, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-121061110/20/2015
Columbus Laser Spa, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-120931110/20/2015
Premier Laser Spa of St. Louis, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-121121110/20/2015Discharge Not Applicable
Cleveland Laser Spa, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-120921110/20/2015Discharge Not Applicable
Premier Laser Spa of Richmond, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-121111110/20/2015Discharge Not Applicable
Premier Laser Spa of Pittsburgh, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-121101110/20/2015Discharge Not Applicable
Premier Laser Spa of Columbia, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-121021110/20/2015
Premier Laser Spa of Kansas City, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-121071110/20/2015
Premier Laser Spa of Baltimore, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-120981110/20/2015
Premier Laser Spa of Greenville, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-121051110/20/2015
Premier Laser Spa of Albany, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-120971110/20/2015
Wing Truck And Trailer, Inc.New York Northern1:15-bk-11893709/17/2015
Play and Learn of Malta, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-118861109/16/2015
MidairUSA, Inc.New York Northern6:15-bk-61302709/09/2015
Hayes Land Holdings, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-117111108/18/2015
Light Energy Management II, LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-11728708/19/2015
Rice Building LLCNew York Northern1:15-bk-116541108/07/201509/26/2017Discharge Not Applicable
COYNE INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES CORP.New York Northern5:15-bk-31160707/31/2015
U-LOCK IT, L.L.C.New York Northern5:15-bk-311431107/30/201501/27/2016Dismissed for Other Reason 09/29/2015
Light & Power Communications, LTDNew York Northern1:15-bk-11361706/26/2015
TJ Realty Company Of Broome County LLC,New York Northern6:15-bk-609431106/23/2015
Syracuse Commercial Floors, Inc.New York Northern5:15-bk-30871706/12/201510/20/2015
Syracuse Floor Systems, Inc.New York Northern5:15-bk-30872706/12/201509/21/2015Discharge Not Applicable
Commercial Floor Solutions, Inc.New York Northern5:15-bk-30873706/12/201509/21/2015Discharge Not Applicable
MWD-Liquidation, IncNew York Northern6:15-bk-608261106/03/2015