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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
F.W. Myers & Co., Inc.New York Northern1:99-bk-13641706/16/199907/12/2007
Allied Rehab Services, Inc.New York Northern1:99-bk-11937704/05/199909/15/1999Discharge Not Applicable
D.V.A., Inc.New York Northern1:99-bk-12595704/30/199908/12/2004Standard Discharge
Exit 11 Enterprises, Inc. and Exit 11 Fuel Corp.New York Northern1:99-bk-132521105/26/199901/05/2000Dismissed for Other Reason 11/18/1999
Electro-Flyte, Inc.New York Northern6:99-bk-64009707/21/199912/12/2006Intra-District Transfer
J & J's Mill Creek Farm, Inc.New York Northern1:99-bk-169531212/08/199904/15/2011Standard Discharge
Endicott Johnson Corporation and Father & Son Shoe Stores Co.New York Northern6:99-bk-665391112/13/199903/13/2009Dismissed for Other Reason 12/19/2008
Central City Business Institute Inc.New York Northern6:99-bk-63373706/17/199909/23/2004Discharge Not Applicable
Northeast Wood Crafts, Inc.New York Northern1:99-bk-10063701/07/199906/19/2001Discharge Not Applicable
ReJuveness Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a Delaware CorporNew York Northern1:99-bk-146321108/05/199901/23/2001Dismissed for Other Reason 12/07/2000
Electro-Flyte, Inc.New York Northern5:06-bk-34396707/21/199907/11/2016
Salmon and Hans Travel Agency, Inc.New York Northern1:99-bk-15760710/05/199904/13/2000Discharge Not Applicable