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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
U.S. National Employee Leasing, Inc.New Mexico1:93-bk-113341104/22/199312/28/1994Dismissed for Other Reason 12/28/1994
Leo C. Sanchez and Sanchez Southwest, Ltd.New Mexico1:93-bk-13517711/29/199307/19/2000Standard Discharge
Angel Fire Ski Corporation and Sangre de Cristo Limited Partnership IVNew Mexico1:93-bk-121921107/12/1993
TNT Wood Products, Inc.New Mexico1:93-bk-12836709/20/199311/02/2001Discharge Not Applicable
San Miguel Broadcasting Company, Inc.New Mexico1:93-bk-13412711/18/199304/27/2001Discharge Not Applicable
M & W Sporting Goods, Inc.New Mexico1:93-bk-11668705/19/199302/01/1996Standard Discharge
Sangre de Cristo Limited Partnership IV and Angel Fire Ski CorporationNew Mexico1:93-bk-121771107/09/199305/31/2001
Volcano Plaza Partnership, LTDNew Mexico1:93-bk-115651105/10/199309/30/1993Dismissed for Other Reason
Boone Engineering & Construction Company and Boone Engineering & Construction CompanyNew Mexico1:93-bk-131801110/26/199311/30/1994Dismissed for Other Reason
Angel Fire Corporation (The) and Angel Fire Ski CorporationNew Mexico1:93-bk-121761107/09/199305/31/2001
Rubus Realty Company, A Delaware Corp.New Mexico1:93-bk-103291102/01/199305/07/1998Standard Discharge
Advanced Kitchens, Inc.New Mexico1:93-bk-12274707/22/199301/11/1996Discharge Not Applicable