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Case number: 4:13-bk-44330 - Reliable Human Services, Inc. - Minnesota Bankruptcy Court

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Reliable Human Services, Inc.
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US Bankruptcy Court
District of Minnesota (Minneapolis)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 13-44330

Assigned to: Katherine A. Constantine
Chapter 11

Date filed:  09/04/2013
Deadline for filing claims (govt.):  03/03/2014


Reliable Human Services, Inc.

1710 North Douglas Drive, #204
Golden Valley, MN 55422-4387
Tax ID / EIN: 84-1717612

represented by
Steven B Nosek

Steven Nosek
2855 Anthony Ln S
Ste 201
St Anthony, MN 55418
Email: [email protected]

U.S. Trustee

US Trustee

1015 US Courthouse
300 S 4th St
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Latest Dockets
Date Filed#Docket Text
09/04/20135Docket Text
Notice of intention to seek expedited hearing filed by Reliable Human Services, Inc. (Nosek, Steven) (Entered: 09/04/2013)
09/04/20134Docket Text
Application to employ Steven B. Nosek as Attorney for Debtor filed by Reliable Human Services, Inc.. Supporting affidavit or verified statement of professional person, Proposed order. (Nosek, Steven) (Entered: 09/04/2013)
09/04/20133Docket Text
Proof of authority to sign and file petition filed by Reliable Human Services, Inc.. (Nosek, Steven) (Entered: 09/04/2013)
09/04/2013Docket Text
Receipt of Voluntary chapter 11 petition(13-44330) [misc,volp11] (1213.00) Filing Fee. Receipt number 7820439. Fee amount 1213.00. (U.S. Treasury) (Entered: 09/04/2013)
09/04/20132Docket Text
Signature declaration filed by Reliable Human Services, Inc.. (Nosek, Steven) (Entered: 09/04/2013)
09/04/20131Docket Text
Chapter 11 voluntary petition re: Reliable Human Services, Inc.. Fee Amount $1213.00. Incomplete Filings due by 09/18/2013. Debtor's exclusivity period for filing plan and disclosure statement ends 03/3/2014. Ch 11 Small Business Plan/Disclosure Statement deadline is 07/1/2014. Government Proof of Claim due by 03/3/2014.Appointment of health care ombudsman due by 10/4/2013 (Nosek, Steven) (Entered: 09/04/2013)