Kentucky Western Bankruptcy Court

Case number: 3:12-bk-33557 - MIJA Tortilla Factory, LLC - Kentucky Western Bankruptcy Court

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MIJA Tortilla Factory, LLC
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PlnDue, SmBus

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Western District of Kentucky (Louisville)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 12-33557

Assigned to: Alan C. Stout
Chapter 11

Date filed:  08/03/2012


MIJA Tortilla Factory, LLC

11305 Bluegrass Parkway
Louisville, KY 40299
Tax ID / EIN: 45-4955454

represented by
Debbie D. Bowman

Bowman Law Office, PSC
11003 Bluegrass Parkway
Suite 500D
Louisville, Ky 40299
Fax : 502-569-7441
Email: [email protected]

US Trustee

Joseph J. Golden

Office of the U.S. Trustee
601 W. Broadway #512
Louisville, Ky 40202

Latest Dockets
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08/06/2012Docket Text
Corrective Entry - corrected name to remove all caps and change name to standard capitalization (related document(s) 1Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition filed by Debtor MIJA Tortilla Factory, LLC). (Preston, T) (Entered: 08/06/2012)
08/06/2012Docket Text
Deadlines set. Chapter 11 Small Business Plan due by 1/30/2013. (Preston, T) (Entered: 08/06/2012)
08/04/2012Docket Text
Meeting of Creditors. 341(a) meeting to be held on 09/13/2012 at 02:30PM at Louisville 341 Meeting Room. (Entered: 08/04/2012)
08/03/20123Docket Text
DocumentStatement In Alternative to Business Documents. Filed by MIJA TORTILLA FACTORY, LLC (Bowman, Debbie) (Entered: 08/03/2012)
08/03/2012Docket Text
Receipt of filing fee for Voluntary Petition(12-33557) [misc,volp11a] (1046.00). Receipt number 5620202. (U.S. Treasury) (Entered: 08/03/2012)
08/03/20122Docket Text
DocumentStatement Regarding Authority to Sign and File Petition and Resolution of Board of Directors. Filed by MIJA TORTILLA FACTORY, LLC (Bowman, Debbie) (Entered: 08/03/2012)
08/03/20121Docket Text
Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition. Fee Amount $1046. Filed by MIJA TORTILLA FACTORY, LLC. Remaining Petition Due by 08/17/2012.
This case may be dismissed without further notice if the schedules are not filed timely.
(Bowman, Debbie) (Entered: 08/03/2012)