Case number: 5:21-bk-40757 - Cranston Enterprises, Inc. - Kansas Bankruptcy Court

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    Cranston Enterprises, Inc.

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    Kansas (ksbke)

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    Dale L. Somers

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Docket Header

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
District of Kansas (Topeka)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 21-40757

Assigned to: Chief Judge Dale L. Somers
Chapter 12

Date filed:  12/07/2021
341 meeting initially set for:  01/11/2022
341 meeting (re)scheduled for:  02/11/2022


Cranston Enterprises, Inc.

PO Box 221
Winona, KS 67764
Tax ID / EIN: 48-1057832

represented by
Tom R. Barnes, II

2887 SW MacVicar Ave
Topeka, KS 66611
(785) 267-3410
Email: [email protected]


Carl B. Davis

300 W Douglas Suite 650
Wichita, KS 67202

U.S. Trustee

U.S. Trustee

Office of the United States Trustee
301 North Main Suite 1150
Wichita, KS 67202
(316) 269-6637

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Latest Dockets

Date Filed#Docket Text
03/15/202397Order Granting Debtors Motion For Authority To Sell Property Free And Clear Of Liens And To Approve Employment Of Real Estate Broker (Sale No. 2) (Related Doc # 89) Signed on 3/15/2023. (tdc) (Entered: 03/15/2023)

Reason for continuance: For sale to take place. So ORDERED by s/ Dale L. Somers. (related documents 61 Motion to Extend/Shorten Time) Hearing to be held on 4/26/2023 at 02:30 PM Topeka Courtroom 210 for 61, (tbc)

THE MOVING PARTY IS TO SERVE THIS ORDER ON PARTIES NOT RECEIVING ELECTRONIC NOTICE AND FILE A CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE WITH THE COURT. (When filing a certificate of service for this order, relate it back to the epo category.)

This Notice of Electronic Filing is the Official ORDER for this entry. No document is attached.

(Entered: 03/14/2023)
02/27/202395Debtor-In-Possession Monthly Operating Report for Filing Period January 2023 Filed by Debtor Cranston Enterprises, Inc.. (Barnes, Tom) (Entered: 02/27/2023)
02/26/202394BNC Certificate of Mailing - PDF Document. (RE: related document(s)92 Order on Motion to Extend/Shorten Time) Notice Date 02/26/2023. (Admin.) (Entered: 02/26/2023)
02/25/202393BNC Certificate of Mailing - PDF Document. (RE: related document(s)88 Order on Generic Motion) Notice Date 02/25/2023. (Admin.) (Entered: 02/25/2023)
02/24/202392Order Granting Motion to Shorten Time (Related Doc # 90) Signed on 2/24/2023. (tbc) (Entered: 02/24/2023)
02/24/202391Notice of Objection Deadline. Proposed Hearing to be held 3/14/2023 at 2:30 pm. Certificate of Service on 2/24/2023. Filed by Tom R. Barnes II on behalf of Cranston Enterprises, Inc. (RE: related document(s)89 Motion to Sell Real Estate, Sale Number: 2. Fee Amount $188. Filed on behalf of Debtor Cranston Enterprises, Inc. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A).) Objections due by 3/10/2023. (Attachments: # 1 Creditor Matrix) (Barnes, Tom) (Entered: 02/24/2023)
02/24/202390Motion to Shorten Time to File Objection Filed on behalf of Debtor Cranston Enterprises, Inc..(Barnes, Tom) (Entered: 02/24/2023)
02/24/2023Receipt of filing fee for Motion to Sell( 21-40757) [motion,msell] ( 188.00). Receipt number C18485356,amount $ 188.00. (U.S. Treasury) (Entered: 02/24/2023)
02/24/202389Motion to Sell Real Estate, Sale Number: 2. Fee Amount $188. Filed on behalf of Debtor Cranston Enterprises, Inc. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A).(Barnes, Tom) (Entered: 02/24/2023)