Indiana Southern Bankruptcy Court

Case number: 3:17-bk-70523 - JJ & Sons Contracting, LLC - Indiana Southern Bankruptcy Court

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JJ & Sons Contracting, LLC
Basil H. Lorch III
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U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of Indiana (Evansville)
Bankruptcy Petition #:

Assigned to: Basil H. Lorch III
Chapter 7
Creditors: 59

Date filed:  05/25/2017
341 meeting:  07/21/2017 10:30 AM
Deadline for filing claims:  11/21/2017


JJ & Sons Contracting, LLC

101 S. West Street
Ft. Branch, IN 47648
Tax ID / EIN: 47-1209611

represented by
Maurice E. Doll

P.O. Box 703
Newburgh, IN 47629
(812) 858-5200
Fax : (812) 858-5204
Email: [email protected]


Stacy M. Wissel

Office of Stacy M. Wissel
PO Box 68
Decker, IN 47524-0068
Email: [email protected]

represented by
James T Young

Rubin & Levin P.C.
135 N. Pennyslvania St., Ste. 1400
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Fax : 317-453-8622
Email: [email protected]

U.S. Trustee

U.S. Trustee

Office of U.S. Trustee
101 W. Ohio St.. Ste. 1000
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Email: [email protected]

Latest Dockets
Date Filed#Docket Text
05/14/201836Docket Text
Notice with Certificate of Service re: Motion to Sell, filed by Stacy M. Wissel on behalf of Trustee Stacy M. Wissel (re: Doc # 30). Objections due by 06/04/2018. (Attachments: (1) Matrix) (Wissel, Stacy) (Entered: 05/14/2018)
05/04/201835Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Service - ORDER (re: Doc # 32). No. of Notices: 1 Notice Date 05/04/2018. (Admin.) (Entered: 05/05/2018)
05/04/201834Docket Text
Deficiency Notice Issued re: Motion to Sell (re: Doc # 30). Deficiency to be cured by 5/18/2018. (tsw) (Entered: 05/04/2018)
05/02/201833Docket Text
Request for Notice filed by On Deck Capital, Inc. (Levi, Christine) (Entered: 05/02/2018)
05/02/201832Docket Text
Order Approving Agreed Entry (re: Doc # 31).
The Clerk's Office will distribute this order.
(jlh) (Entered: 05/02/2018)
05/01/201831Docket Text
Agreed Entry Resolving Trustee's Objection to Claim 5 by Commerce Bank (Doc 22) and Response of Commerce Bank (Doc 24) filed by James T Young, Terry G. Farmer on behalf of Creditor The Commerce Bank (re: Doc # 22). (Farmer, Terry) (Entered: 05/01/2018)
[Approved by # 32]
05/01/201830Docket Text
Motion to Sell Property NUNC PRO TUNC under 11 U.S.C. Sec. 363(b) (public sale at auction), filed by Stacy M. Wissel on behalf of Trustee Stacy M. Wissel (Attachments: (1) Matrix) (Wissel, Stacy)
CORRECTION: Missing docket text added in all capitals.
Modified on 5/1/2018 (tsw). (Entered: 05/01/2018)
04/27/201829Docket Text
Trustee's Interim Financial Report for Period Ending 3/31/2018. (Wissel, Stacy) (Entered: 04/27/2018)
04/18/201828Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Service - OFFICIAL COURT NOTICE (re: Doc # 27). No. of Notices: 1 Notice Date 04/18/2018. (Admin.) (Entered: 04/19/2018)
04/16/201827Docket Text
Official Court Notice Setting Hearing on Trustee's Frist Omnibus Objection to Claims with Response filed by The Commerce Bank (re: Doc # 22, 24). Hearing to be held on 5/16/2018 at 01:30 PM CDT in Rm 359 Federal Building, Evansville. (jlh) (Entered: 04/16/2018)