Guam Bankruptcy Court

Case number: 1:93-bk-00003 - Tower Development Inc. - Guam Bankruptcy Court

Case Information
Case title
Tower Development Inc.
Arthur S. Weissbrodt
Last Filing
Docket Header
Bankruptcy Division
District Court of Guam (Hagatna)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 93-00003

Assigned to: Arthur S. Weissbrodt
Chapter 7
Date filed:  03/17/1993
Date terminated:  04/07/2004
Deadline for filing claims:  07/14/1993


Tower Development Inc.

590 S. Marine Dr., Ste 709 Gitc
Tamuning, GU 96911
Tax ID / EIN: 66-0449338

represented by
George M. Butler

Law Offices of Butler and Telford Butler
Suite 203, American Life Bldg
137 Murray Boulevard
Hagatna, GU 96910
671 475-0200
Email: [email protected]


Robert Steffy

210 Archbishop Flores Street
Suite 100
Hagatna, GU 96910

Latest Dockets
Date Filed#Docket Text
10/29/200852Docket Text
Order to Transfer to Unclaimed Funds. Signed on 10/29/2008. (jlm,) (Entered: 10/29/2008)
01/29/200451Docket Text
ORDER for Supplemental Distribution and to Close Cs. , [WMT], ORIGINAL NIBS DOCKET ENTRY #230 (Entered: 01/29/2004)
01/16/200450Docket Text
MINUTE Entry - re 01/07/04 Hrg [3:45 p.m. California time] on t/Mtn to Approve Supplemental Distribution by Trustee. Mtn under submission. , [WMT], ORIGINAL NIBS DOCKET ENTRY #229 (Entered: 01/16/2004)
11/14/200349Docket Text
ORDER - Pursuant to 28 USC 455[a] Judge John S. Unpingco hereby disqualifies himself from further involvement in this cs. Accordingly t/mtn to approve supplemental distribution & to close cs previously set for 11/07/03 is resched. Said hrg shall be resched upon t/appointment of another judge by t/US Crt of Appeals for t/Ninth Circuit , [WMT], ORIGINAL NIBS DOCKET ENTRY #228 (Entered: 11/14/2003)
10/16/200348Docket Text
CERTIFICATE of Service , [WMT], ORIGINAL NIBS DOCKET ENTRY #227 (Entered: 10/16/2003)
10/10/200347Docket Text
NOTICE of Hrg set for 11/07/03 at 9:30 a.m. Re: Item # 46, [WMT], ORIGINAL NIBS DOCKET ENTRY #226 (Entered: 10/10/2003)
10/10/200346Docket Text
MOTION to Approve Supplemental Distribution , [WMT], ORIGINAL NIBS DOCKET ENTRY #225 (Entered: 10/10/2003)
09/16/200345Docket Text
CONSENT to Supplemental Distribution & to Close Cs [Estate of Frank Guzman] , [WMT], ORIGINAL NIBS DOCKET ENTRY #224 (Entered: 09/16/2003)
06/06/200144Docket Text
AMENDED Stip & Ord re Mtn to Compromise Claims & Approve Settlement Terms - corrects & replaces ord dtd 02/12/01, [RMM], ORIGINAL NIBS DOCKET ENTRY #223 (Entered: 06/07/2001)
06/04/200143Docket Text
TRUSTEE's Status Rep - $3,054.73 remains unclaimed in the Bank of Guam. Any amts unclaimed by 06/22/01 will be turned over to t/Court and a Supplemental Final report will be filed. USTR working w/ local attys to clear the Adv Case , [PJQ], ORIGINAL NIBS DOCKET ENTRY #222 (Entered: 06/04/2001)