Florida Middle Bankruptcy Court

Case number: 6:14-bk-03000 - Southeast Gypsum & Concrete, LLC - Florida Middle Bankruptcy Court

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Southeast Gypsum & Concrete, LLC
Cynthia C. Jackson
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U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Middle District of Florida (Orlando)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 6:14-bk-03000-CCJ

Assigned to: Cynthia C. Jackson
Chapter 7
No asset

Debtor disposition:  Discharge Not Applicable
Date filed:  03/17/2014
Date terminated:  10/15/2015
341 meeting:  04/18/2014


Southeast Gypsum & Concrete, LLC

6785 Narcoossee Rd.
Orlando, FL 32822
Tax ID / EIN: 27-3090052

represented by
James H Monroe

James H. Monroe, P.A.
Post Office Box 540163
Orlando, FL 32854
Fax : 407-246-0008
Email: [email protected]


Gene T Chambers

Post Office Box 533987
Orlando, FL 32853
(407) 872-7575
TERMINATED: 03/26/2014

represented by
Gene T Chambers



Carla P Musselman

1619 Druid Road
Maitland, FL 32751

U.S. Trustee

United States Trustee - ORL7/13

Office of the United States Trustee
George C Young Federal Building
400 West Washington Street, Suite 1100
Orlando, FL 32801

Latest Dockets
Date Filed#Docket Text
10/15/2015Docket Text
Bankruptcy Case Closed. (ADIclerk) (Entered: 10/15/2015)
10/15/201534Docket Text
Order Approving Chapter 7 Account, Discharging Trustee, Canceling Bond and Closing Estate . Service Instructions: Clerks Office to serve. (Susan G.) (Entered: 10/15/2015)
09/14/2015Docket Text
Chapter 7 Trustee's Report of No Distribution: I, Carla P Musselman, having been appointed trustee of the estate of the above-named debtor(s), report I collected funds totaling $1030.05. After making diligent inquiry into the financial affairs of the debtor(s) and the location of the property belonging to the estate, I have determined that there are insufficient assets to administer. All funds have been returned. All bank statements and canceled checks, if any, have been submitted to the United States Trustee. The bank statements reflect a final zero balance and no other funds or assets of the estate remain in my custody. Pursuant to Fed R Bank P 5009, I hereby certify that the estate of the above-named debtor(s) has been fully administered. I request that I be discharged from any further duties as trustee. Key information about this case as reported in schedules filed by the debtor(s) or otherwise found in the case record: This case was pending for 18 months. Assets Abandoned (without deducting any secured claims): $ 0.00, Assets Exempt: Not Available, Claims Scheduled: $ 0.00, Claims Asserted: Not Applicable, Claims scheduled to be discharged without payment (without deducting the value of collateral or debts excepted from discharge): $ 0.00,. Filed by Trustee Carla P Musselman. (Musselman, Carla) (Entered: 09/14/2015)
07/15/201533Docket Text
Proof of Service of Order Allowing Secured Claim No. 1 filed by United Financial Group, Inc.. Filed by Trustee Carla P Musselman (related document(s) 32). (Musselman, Carla) (Entered: 07/15/2015)
07/14/201532Docket Text
Order Granting Motion To Allow Secured Claims No. 1 filed by United Financial Group, Inc (Related Doc # 31). Service Instructions: Carla Musselman is directed to serve a copy of this order on interested parties and file a proof of service within 3 days of entry of the order. (James) (Entered: 07/14/2015)
07/13/201531Docket Text
Motion to Allow Secured Claim(s) as Timely Filed Ref: Claim No. 1 filed by United Financial Group, Inc. Filed by Trustee Carla P Musselman. (Musselman, Carla) (Entered: 07/13/2015)
07/13/201530Docket Text
Notice of Abandonment of Property with 14 Day Negative Notice Referemce: All of the Debtors goods, chattels, machinery, equipment, inventory, accounts, chattel paper, notes receivable, accounts receivable, furniture, fixtures and property of every kind and nature, wherever located. Filed by Trustee Carla P Musselman. (Attachments: # 1 Mailing Matrix) (Musselman, Carla) (Entered: 07/13/2015)
10/27/201429Docket Text
Interim Report 09/30/14 Filed by Trustee Carla P Musselman. (Musselman, Carla) (Entered: 10/27/2014)
10/23/201428Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Mailing. (related document(s) (Related Doc # 27)). Notice Date 10/23/2014. (Admin.) (Entered: 10/24/2014)
10/20/201427Docket Text
Notice of the Deadline to file Proofs of Claim, served upon all creditors and parties in interest. Proofs of Claims due by 01/22/2015. (ADIclerk) (Entered: 10/20/2014)