District Of Columbia Bankruptcy Court

Case number: 1:23-bk-00131 - 5703 9th, LLC - District Of Columbia Bankruptcy Court

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5703 9th, LLC
Elizabeth L. Gunn
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U.S. Bankruptcy Court
United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 23-00131-ELG

Assigned to: Bankruptcy Judge Elizabeth L. Gunn
Chapter 11

Date filed:  05/16/2023
341 meeting:  06/14/2023
Deadline for filing claims:  09/22/2023
Deadline for filing claims (govt.):  11/13/2023
Deadline for objecting to discharge:  08/14/2023

Debtor In Possession

5703 9th, LLC

5703 9th Street NW
Washington, DC 20011
Tax ID / EIN: 87-3705389

represented by
Brent C. Strickland

Whiteford Taylor & Preston
111 Rockville Pike
Suite 800
Rockville, MD 20850
Email: [email protected]

U.S. Trustee

U. S. Trustee for Region Four

U. S. Trustee's Office
1725 Duke Street
Suite 650
Alexandria, VA 22314
represented by
Kristen S. Eustis

Office of the United States Trustee
1725 Duke Street
Ste 650
Alexandria, VA 22314
Email: [email protected]

Sara Kathryn Mayson

1725 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Email: [email protected]

Latest Dockets
Date Filed#Docket Text
06/06/202322Docket Text
Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury for Non-Individual Debtors - Form 202, Summary of Assets and Liabilities Schedules for Non-Individual , Schedule A/B: Property Non-Individual , Schedule D: Non-Individual- Creditors Who Hold Claims Secured by Property , Schedule E/F: Creditors Who Have Unsecured Claims Non-Individual , Schedule G: Non-Individual- Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases , Schedule H: Non-Individual- Your Codebtors , Statement of Financial Affairs for Non-Individual Filed by 5703 9th, LLC. (Re: Related Document(s) #:1 Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition.) (Strickland, Brent) (Entered: 06/06/2023)
06/05/202321Docket Text
Order Authorizing Debtor's Application for Authority to Employ Whiteford, Taylor & Preston L.L.P. as Attorneys for Debtor and Debtor-in-Possession Nunc Pro Tunc to the Petition Date. (Related Document #: 11) Entered on 6/5/2023. (Harrison, Janae) (Entered: 06/05/2023)
06/02/202320Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Mailing - PDF Document. (RE: related document(s)18 Order on Motion to Extend Deadline to File Schedules) No. of Notices: 10. Notice Date 06/02/2023. (Admin.) (Entered: 06/03/2023)
06/02/202319Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Mailing - PDF Document. (RE: related document(s)17 Consent Order) No. of Notices: 1. Notice Date 06/02/2023. (Admin.) (Entered: 06/03/2023)
05/31/202318Docket Text
Order Extending Time. The Deadline Has Been Extended To 06/07/2023. (Related Doc # 15) Entered on 5/31/2023. (Harrison, Janae) (Entered: 05/31/2023)
05/31/202317Docket Text
Consent Order Conditioning Rights of Debtor in Possession. (Re: Related Document(s)16 Motion to Condition Rights.) Order entered on 5/31/2023. (Harrison, Janae) (Entered: 05/31/2023)
05/30/202316Docket Text
Motion to Condition Rights Filed by U. S. Trustee for Region Four. (Attachments: # 1 Proposed Order) (Mayson, Sara Kathryn) (Entered: 05/30/2023)
05/30/202315Docket Text
Motion to Extend Deadline to File Schedules or Provide Required Information Filed by 5703 9th, LLC. (Attachments: # 1 Proposed Order) (Strickland, Brent) (Entered: 05/30/2023)
05/24/202314Docket Text
Notice Filed by 5703 9th, LLC. (Re: Related Document(s) #:11 Application to Employ, 12 Notice, 13 Notice to Party Filing Deficient Pleading(s)/Document(s).) (Attachments: # 1 Service List) (Strickland, Brent) (Entered: 05/24/2023)
05/24/202313Docket Text
Notice to Party Filing Deficient Pleading(s)/Document(s). (RE: related document(s)11 Application to Employ) Deficient Pleading(s)/Document(s) due by 6/7/2023. (Harrison, Janae) (Main Document 13 replaced on 5/24/2023) (Harrison, Janae). (Entered: 05/24/2023)