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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Birchington, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:23-bk-000571102/20/2023
SaveSolar Corporation Inc.District Of Columbia1:23-bk-000451102/02/2023
1601 17th Place Flats LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:23-bk-000201101/16/2023
Gnangni Homes, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:23-bk-000551102/15/2023
World Business Lenders LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:23-bk-00038701/26/2023
1716 R Street Flats LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:23-bk-000171101/16/2023
539 Randolph St, NW LLC and Estate of Barry S. EngelDistrict Of Columbia1:23-bk-00048702/03/2023
Virginia 18th St Holdings, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:23-bk-000351101/23/2023
Warner 422, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:23-bk-000341101/23/2023
The Washingtonian L.L.C.District Of Columbia1:23-bk-000231101/16/2023
1609 17th Place Flats LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:23-bk-000211101/16/2023
1616 27th Street Flats L.L.C.District Of Columbia1:23-bk-000241101/16/2023
The Lauravin Luxury Apartment Homes III L.L.C.District Of Columbia1:23-bk-000221101/16/2023
The Z Flats L.L.C.District Of Columbia1:23-bk-000181101/16/2023
1605 17th Street Flats LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:23-bk-000191101/16/2023
Lerae Towers II, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:23-bk-000251101/16/2023
The Lerae Towers, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:23-bk-000261101/16/2023
4220 Ninth Street Flats LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:23-bk-000271101/16/2023
4649 Hillside Road Flats LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:23-bk-000281101/16/2023
Prajna Strategy LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:23-bk-00032701/19/2023
SaveSolar Alpha Holdco LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:23-bk-000461102/02/2023