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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
K Street, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-001981110/25/2022
Box 20, Inc.District Of Columbia1:22-bk-00218711/15/2022
Yolanda C. Holmes, M.D. P.C.District Of Columbia1:22-bk-001941110/24/2022
Adams 3, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-002051111/01/2022
Jefferson-11th Street, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-000591103/31/2022
Enovational Corp.District Of Columbia1:22-bk-000551103/26/2022
Dimples Dental Suite, PCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-001911110/19/2022
Muse Threads IncDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-002381112/23/2022
CG/LA Infrastructure, Inc.District Of Columbia1:22-bk-00172709/26/2022
DGA Holdings, Inc.District Of Columbia1:22-bk-002261112/06/2022
A Better Way of Life, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-002281112/08/2022
Capitals Areas Properties, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-000411103/07/2022
819D LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-00101706/19/2022
HP West Baltimore, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-00109706/26/2022
HP Bennett, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-00106706/23/2022
Got Your Back Total Health, PCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-00147708/23/2022
Woodmont Place 3 LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-00042703/09/2022
The Celeste Group LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-000111101/27/202206/24/2022Dismissed for Failure to File Information 06/08/2022
1225 Clifton ST DE LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-001261107/21/2022
Lansdowne Venture, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-00013701/28/2022
Diamond Consortium Properties II, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-000311102/22/2022
A Better Way of Life, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-001661109/15/2022
Khyber Pass Corp d/b/a Afghan GrillDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-00184710/09/2022
Got Your Back Chiropractic, P.C.District Of Columbia1:22-bk-00146708/23/2022
920 H L.L.C.District Of Columbia1:22-bk-000081101/24/2022
46th Place, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-00078705/01/2022
1712 Property Holding TrustDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-001041106/19/2022
NTN Management Corp.District Of Columbia1:22-bk-00108706/25/2022
Archimedes Innovations, PBCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-00072704/26/202206/24/2022Dismissed for Other Reason 06/08/2022
2128 2nd St. NW, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-00077705/01/2022
Fort Davis Dental Associates PLLCDistrict Of Columbia1:22-bk-00006701/13/2022