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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Ardent, Inc. and Ardent Liquidating LLC Successor To Ardent, Inc.District Of Columbia1:01-bk-020861110/10/200107/27/2005Discharge Not Applicable
James E. Vann Funeral Home, Inc.District Of Columbia1:01-bk-01827709/04/200101/27/2006Discharge Not Applicable
Saigon Flavor, Inc.District Of Columbia1:01-bk-017091108/17/200108/15/2002Dismissed for Other Reason 06/19/2002
Hollis & Spencer LtdDistrict Of Columbia1:01-bk-001861101/31/200103/26/2003Discharge Not Applicable
Pensat, Inc.District Of Columbia1:01-bk-02078710/09/200103/14/2008Discharge Not Applicable
Capitol Cab Cooperative Association, IncDistrict Of Columbia1:01-bk-01209706/05/2001
Liberty Lobby, Inc.District Of Columbia1:01-bk-012341106/08/200108/06/2004Dismissed for Other Reason 07/02/2001